Sarcophyton spp.
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Mushroom Coral

Common Names: Mushroom Coral
Toadstool Leather Coral
Classification: Sarcophyton spp.
Description: Usually yellow or tan in color, rarer specimens can be seen in lighter shades of green and purple. Regular extension and retraction of it's long polyps is a sign of good health.
Environment: From the Indo-Pacific region.
Hardiness: Great beginners coral, extremely hardy and easy to propagate as well.
Lighting: Contains symbiotic algae and therefore requires strong lighting. Lower lighting set ups will require additional feedings.
Current: Requires moderate flow for good health.
21°C - 27°C
70°F - 81°F
Aggressiveness: As with all soft corals, can produce toxins especially when stressed or overcrowded. Not a major concern.
Feeding: Zooxanthellate. Can supplement with filter feeder type foods.
Position: Varies depending on set up. Should be towards the top in low light set ups, and mid level in tanks with stronger lights. Should be constantly flushed by water movement.
Reproduction: Easy to propagate. Frags from regular trimming sessions have an excellent success rate.
Comments: Overall a great beginners coral. Gives off an anenome type appearance due to its long tentacles. Highly recommended for the beginner reef aquarist. Note that colonies may grow rather large, so be prepared for regular cuttings.
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