Turbinaria peltata
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Pagoda cup coral

Common Names: Pagoda cup coral
Classification: Turbinaria peltata
Description: The Pagoda cup coral is a LPS coral. Most of the time they have a plate or cup appearance but can also have the form of ruffled ridges, plates, vases, or scrolls. It can appear in colors of Brown, Cream, Gray, Green and Yellow. It has many polyps that extend out in the daytime and while searching for food.
Environment: The Pagoda Cup is from the Indo-Pacific area.
Hardiness: This coral is rated easy on the care level index. It is a good and hardy coral for the reef aquarium. It is an excellent coral for the beginner.
Lighting: This coral requires moderate lighting.
Current: This coral requires moderate flow. It should not be blasted with current.
22°C - 26°C
72°F - 79°F
Aggressiveness: The Pagoda cup coral is a peaceful coral but does need some space because of how large it can grow.
Feeding: It gets mostly what it needs from the lighting that feeds the algea in the tissues of this coral. It also picks up left over food in the water column. Plankton and/or brine can be fed to supplement its feeding.
Supplements: Calcium, Strontium and Trace Elements are supplements needed that can be found in frequent PWC`s.
Position: In my experience the Pagoda cup can be placed in all positions of the tank.
Reproduction: I have not experienced any reproduction except for the fact that the one I have has grown 4 times bigger than it was.
Comments: As I stated, The Pagoda cup is a great coral for the reef aquarium. It is a good coral for the beginner to the advanced.If kept under excellent water parameters you will see substantial growth. It is an easy coral to raise.
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