Acanthastrea Echinata
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Pineapple Coral

Common Names: Pineapple Coral
Brain Coral
Classification: Acanthastrea Echinata
Description: An LPS, or Large Polyp Stony coral. This coral has shared corallite walls unlike its close relative Acanthastrea lordhowensis. Outer edges of the polyps are raised slightly above the inside (mouth). Colors vary tremendously. They can be any color or any mixture of any number of colors. Can be seen encrusting over live rock or plating.
Environment: Reef, Indo Pacific.
Hardiness: Not generally recommended as a first coral, but will tolerate a wide range of conditions and is considered hardy.
Lighting: Will tolerate a wide variety of lighting, anything from power compacts to metal halides. Should be properly acclimated to high lighting as Acan. echinata is considered a medium light coral.
Current: Medium non-laminar flow is best.
23°C - 28°C
73°F - 82°F
Aggressiveness: Moderately aggressive. Can be housed near other corals with caution.
Feeding: Should be fed multiple times a week with meaty nutritious foods like cyclopeez and mysis shrimp.
Supplements: None necessary, though calcium and carbonates should be kept at a premium for skeletal growth.
Position: Depends mostly on lighting. Should not be placed directly under halides, but can be kept near the top on a tank with power compact lighting. Can be kept in the sand or on the live rock, as long as lighting conditions meet it's needs.
Reproduction: Asexual reproduction through fragmentation. Wet tile saws and dremels are commonly used, while a chisel and razor can be used well in combination for less exact cuts.
Comments: A colorful non-demanding sturdy coral. Very popular in the trade for that reason. Growth will be very slow without feeding, but if kept on the live rock to encrust and fed daily it can grow pretty quick given the right specimen. Good protein skimming is recommended if feeding often.
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