Pachyclavularia spp.
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Star Polyps

Common Names: Star Polyps
Green Star Polyps
Classification: Pachyclavularia spp.
Description: Commonly seen in a purple or brown mat with purple, brown, or green polyps.
Environment: Reef, Indo-pacific.
Hardiness: Easy and relatively quick growing under favorable conditions.
Lighting: Medium to high reef lighting. Does well under Power compacts, T5 HO, VHO, and Halides.
Current: Medium flow.
22°C - 27°C
72°F - 81°F
Aggressiveness: Low.
Feeding: Mainly Zooxanthellate.
Supplements: None necessary.
Position: Any, should acclimate to brighter lighting in upper portions of the tank.
Reproduction: Fragment asexually by cutting the mat with a razor.
Comments: Easy, colorful coral. Good for beginners.
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