Common Names: Chilodonella
Salinity: Freshwater
Description: Chilodonella is a dangerous parasite. This parasite will thrive in many temperature ranges which makes it a major threat. In the first stages there are not many outward signs. In most cases once outward signs are noticed by the hobbyist, sustantial tissue damage has already set in. Can also cause secondary infection from wounds from the first infection.
Symptoms: Spots
Treatment: Can be easily treatable if caught early. Treat with common parasitic medications such as malachite green, formalin, and slat baths.
Comments: Outward signs are: heavy breathing, rubbing on objects, skin cloudiness from excess mucus production, and severe lethargy. Once a fish who is infected isolates itself near the surface of the water or filter out take it is usually too late for treatment.Mortality is about 50% in untreated specimens, and the lifecycle is direct, temperature dependant, and in most tropical tanks of anything from 70-82f this disease will require multiple treatments, usually repeated every 7 days. Two treatment courses seperated by at least a week are usually necessary. Uv steralisation usually controls this protozoan ok without the need for medication, as with other protozoa, it is the amount of parasites that kill rather than purely the presence of them.
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