Baryancistrus sp. (L85)

Common Names: Gold Nugget Pleco
Family: Loricariidae
Category: Catfish_Bottom_Feeders
Distribution: America - South; Brazil, Rio Xingu.
Main Ecosystem: River; River
Temperament: Peaceful; These catfish are generally peaceful. However, they often become territorial towards other bottom feeders (especially Loricariids) if not given enough space and hiding places.
Diet: Ominvore; A limnivorous species, it feeds on organic film in the wild, though most limnivores are represented as primarily herbivorous, the awfuchs upon which it feeds consists of residual protein as well, and should be fed thusly.
Care: Feed some algae, but also brine shrimp, bloodworm, and other meaty foods. Will often be seen rasping upon bogwood. Bogwood, caves, plants and a strong current are all beneficial to this fish.
6.5 - 7.5
25°C - 30°C
77°F - 86°F
Potential Size: Male: 35cm (13.8")
Female: 35cm (13.8")
Water Region: Bottom; Bottom
Activity: Nocturnal; Nocturnal
Gender: Mature males have a flatter slope to their foreheads, and are slightly wider.
Breeding: Extremely difficult, but possible. Notes are scarce, condition the pair on live meaty foods. The L085 pleco has been said to lay eggs in tunnels/caves dug under slate pieces.
Comments: Fairly territorial as loricariids come, but more than one fish can easily be housed in a fair sized tank, provided there are a multitude of hiding places. Though they don't really have the dentation to do a great deal of damage, torn fins can still ensue from chasing and side to side flaring. Captive grown specimens are incredibly slow growers and are not known to exceed 7" in the home aquarium, though wild caught adults can reach fairly large sizes.
Main Colours: Black, Gold
Markings: Spots Small
Mouth: Sucking Disc
Tail: Not Specified
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