Hypancistrus sp. l-333
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Hypancistrus sp. l-333

Common Names: Golden King Tiger Pleco
Family: Loricariidae
Category: Catfish_Bottom_Feeders
Distribution: America - South; America - South
Main Ecosystem: River; River
Temperament: Peaceful; Peaceful, if mildly territorial.
Diet: Carnivore; It is by nature an opportunist, but is also an active preadator, feeding on fry and microinvertabrates.
Care: A relatively easy species to care for, though cover is required. Stringent adherence to a regular water changin regime is beneficial, as loricariids do not tolerate nitrogenous contaminants well.
6 - 8
25°C - 30°C
77°F - 86°F
Potential Size: Male: 14cm (5.5")
Female: 14cm (5.5")
Water Region: Bottom; Bottom
Activity: NonSpecific; Actively forages at night, but a strong daytime feeding regime will entice them to feed in broad daylight.
Gender: Males have a generally marbled belly and heavy odontodal growth, especially in the interopercular region.
Breeding: Breeding is relatively easy to accomplish. A tight fitting cave is required, as it is a strict cave spawner. Cool, soft water changes reportedly aide in triggering spawning activity, simulating heavy seasonal rains. Water movement is highly recommended.
Comments: Rather difficult to distinguish from the similar L-066. There seem to be several variations of L-333 and it could very well encompass a number of distinct species. Generally, however, L-333 are blunter and darker in appearance. Patterning is highly variable, and thus, should not be utilized as the basis by which to identify this fish.
Main Colours: Purple, White, Yellow
Markings: Striped And Spotted
Mouth: Sucking Disc
Tail: Concave
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