Boehlkea fredcochui
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Boehlkea fredcochui

Common Names: Blue Tetra
Cochu's Blue Tetra
Family: Characidae
Category: Characins
Distribution: America - South; America - South
Main Ecosystem: River; The Amazon River.
Temperament: Peaceful; An extremely active shoaling fish. This species is best maintained in groups of six or more in a large tank. It is generally peaceful in proper setups, but it may nip the fins of other fish (this is most often seen during feeding). Do not keep this species with fish that have long, flowing fins, or fish that are easily intimidated by more active species.

In small or crowded aquaria, the Cochu's Blue Tetra will get frustrated and likely become aggressive towards other species of fish. Normal aggression in this species, which is generally limited to mild chasing and nipping, will be displayed almost exclusively to conspecifics (and not other species) in appropriate setups.
Diet: Herbivore; They will eat all flake foods, and most other foods that will fit in their mouths.
Care: The Cochu's Blue Tetra, due to its highly active nature, needs a larger tank than most other tetras of the same size. They should be maintained in a tank no smaller than 30 gallons to help prevent aggression issues.

The tank needs to have large open swimming areas, particularly in the middle-bottom levels of the tank, that these fish can utilize. There should also, however, be some densely planted areas or hiding places provided by driftwood, rocks, or other ornaments for shelter. Floating plants that block some light are appreciated.
5.5 - 7.6
22°C - 27°C
72°F - 81°F
2 dH - 17 dH
Potential Size: Male: 5cm (2")
Female: 5cm (2")
Water Region: Middle; They frequent all areas of the tank, but spend the most time in the middle area.
Activity: Diurnal; They rest at night.
Gender: Females are plumper than males, and have less coloring.
Breeding: Use soft, acidic water and condition the fish. Females are said to deposit their eggs on the underside of broad-leafed plants. Remove the eggs or the parents soon after breeding, otherwise the eggs will be eaten.
Comments: Relatively hardy tetras, though they do need good water quality and high oxygenation to show off their colors well. Great fish for community tanks.
Main Colours: Blue, Silver
Markings: Striped Horizontal
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Concave
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