Danio kyathit
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Danio kyathit

Common Names: Kyathit Danio
Orange-Finned Zebra Danio
Synonyms: Brachydanio kyathit
Family: Cyprinidae
Category: Cyprinids
Distribution: Asia; Southeast Asia.
Main Ecosystem: Stream; Wide range of habitats, from streams to swamps.
Temperament: Peaceful; Typical danio temperament - peaceful, schooling, and may be inclined to nip long fins.
Diet: Carnivore; Not picky; will accept almost any processed, frozen, or live food. Relishes small insects, brine shrimp, and other arthropods.
Care: A tank of at least ten gallons is necessary. Provide much open swimming space near the surface for this fish; substrate and low-growing plants are not important. This is a hardy species and can adapt to most captive water parameters. It can be kept in unheated tanks.
6 - 7.8
18°C - 26°C
64°F - 79°F
10 dH - 25 dH
Potential Size: Male: 4cm (1.6")
Female: 4cm (1.6")
Water Region: Middle, Surface; This danio swims primarily in the middle and upper levels.
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal.
Gender: Males have more red coloration on their bodies and fins.
Breeding: As of yet, all specimens are wild-caught. Breeding thought to be similar to other danios and should be relatively easy.
Comments: The Kyathit Danio is a very new danio in the hobby, having only been discovered in the late 1990s. It superficially resembles the Zebra Danio, especially when young or stressed out in crowded stocking tanks, but when in good condition it is easily distinguished by its lighter blue stripes and bright orange-red coloration on the body and fins.
Main Colours: Orange, Blue, Silver
Markings: Striped Horizontal
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Concave
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