Betta albimarginata
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Betta albimarginata

Common Names: Whiteseam betta
Family: Belontiidae
Category: Labyrinth_Fish
Distribution: Asia; Borneo, Kalimantan
Main Ecosystem: Not Specified
Temperament: Peaceful; This is a very peaceful betta which can be kept in a shoal. It is not recommended to keep them with big or agressive species.
Diet: Carnivore; Can be quite picky about food and most of the time will refuse dried food. Eats frozen or live artemia, bloodworms, glassworms and so on. Food which is too small will also not arise their interest.
Care: They like very densely planted aquaria, with dark substrate and some mopani wood for hiding. Filtration over peat or indian almond leaves are recommended. Bright light is not appreciated. the tank must not be very high, 30 cm is enough. They make good fish for small aquaria, a couple will do great in a 20 l tank, even accompanied by a few more peaceful minifish like pygmey corydoras or galaxy danios.
6 - 7
22°C - 26°C
72°F - 79°F
2 dH - 9 dH
Potential Size: Male: 5cm (2")
Female: 5cm (2")
Water Region: Not Specified
Activity: Diurnal
Gender: The female is a dull grey/brown and when in breeding mood she will dispaly the typical betta vertical bars.
The male is a deep, rich brown and his tail pectoral and anal fins are bordered with white
Breeding: This is a mouthbreeder. The breeding ritual is very interesting.
After a typical betta embrace a few eggs are released. The female will spit them i, front of the male, which will pick them up and store them in his throat.After about 12 days the male will start releasing fry. they are not very prolific, there will be a maximum of 40 fry released. They must be fed immediatly with infusoria. The parents can stay in the same tank with the fry.
normally young fathers will eat their eggs within the second of third day of 'pregnancy', but after a while they will learn to carry the eggs.
Comments: If you resist the temptation to house them in a community tank, with bigger and more aggressive fish, they are quite easy fish to keep.
Main Colours: Brown, Black, White
Markings: Not Specified
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Convex
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