Betta macrostoma

Common Names: Borneo Betta
Brunei Beauty
Peacock Betta
Spotfin Betta
Family: Osphronemidae
Category: Labyrinth_Fish
Distribution: Asia; Borneo
Main Ecosystem: River
Temperament: Timid; Often shy in a community tank so it would better if housed in a species tank.
Diet: Carnivore; will eat meats, live foods, and commercial betta food.
Care: Same as Betta Splenden, Keep males separated.
6.5 - 7.4
23°C - 27°C
73°F - 81°F
Potential Size: Male: 10cm (3.9")
Female: 10cm (3.9")
Water Region: All
Activity: Diurnal
Gender: Males tend to have a greater depth in redness. Females will tend to be grey in color.
Breeding: The betta macrostoma has one of the most unique breeding rituals in the betta world. The male and female will embrace each other near the bottom of the tank. From their after many embraces eggs will begin to fall from the female. The female will most often awake from the embrace first and gather the eggs in her mouth. The male may pick a few eggs from the bottom as well. The female will swim away with the eggs. The male will next find the female and she will spit some eggs into his mouth. Th
Comments: Raising the fry of the betta macrostoma is very difficult, so since it is not being bred with a high success rate, they are often taken out of the wild. So when you find this fish a pair can easily reach over 400 USD, But this fish is becoming an endangered species and better left in the wild.
Main Colours: Red, Pink, Black
Markings: Striped Horizontal
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Convex
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