Trichogaster labiosus
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Trichogaster labiosus

Common Names: Thick Lip Gourami
Synonyms: Colisa labiosa
Colisa labiosus
Family: Osphronemidae
Category: Labyrinth_Fish
Distribution: Asia; India.
Main Ecosystem: River; River
Temperament: Peaceful; Peaceful.
Diet: Carnivore; Carnivore
Care: Feed with normal or vegetable flakes. Not demanding and easy to keep. Some hiding places among plants are recommended.
6 - 7.5
22°C - 28°C
72°F - 82°F
4 dH - 10 dH
Potential Size: Male: 9cm (3.5")
Female: 9cm (3.5")
Water Region: Middle, Surface; Middle-Surface
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: Males are brighter with an extended dorsal fin.
Comments: Good for community tanks.
Main Colours: Red, Brown
Markings: Striped Vertical
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Concave
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