Gambusia holbrooki
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Gambusia holbrooki

Common Names: Eastern Mosquitofish
Synonyms: Gambusia affinis holbrocki
Gambusia affinis holbrooki
Gambusia holbrookii
Gambusia patruelis holbrooki
Heterandria holbrooki
Heterandria uninotata
Schizophallus holbrooki
Zygonectes atrilatus
Family: Poeciliidae
Category: Livebearers
Distribution: Pacific - North; Originally from Eastern USA, New Jersey to Alabama. Has been introduced into countries around the world and in many places has been declared a pest.
Main Ecosystem: Lake; Still or slowly-flowing water.
Temperament: Active; The Eastern Mosquitofish is an active species that may nip the fins of other fish if not enough room is provided. Aggression is generally contained within members of its own species, though some individuals may be highly aggressive.
Diet: Carnivore; Feeds on zooplankton and small insects. In captivity it will eat whatever food is provided.
Care: Easy to care for. Provide a tank of at least 10 gallons, and some vegetation (real or fake) is appreciated. Substrate is not important.
6 - 8.5
10°C - 35°C
50°F - 95°F
2 dH - 35 dH
Potential Size: Male: 3.5cm (1.4")
Female: 3.5cm (1.4")
Water Region: All; Swims and forages in all levels of the tank.
Activity: Diurnal; Active by day.
Gender: Males are significantly smaller than females, and have an elongated, folded anal fin called a gonopodium, which is used for internal fertilization. Females will usually show a dark spot on their abdomen.
Breeding: Extremely prolific - add males, females, and water.
Comments: This species is distinguished from the Western Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, by its speckled patterning and faint vertical band through the eye (the Western Mosquitofish will bear no markings). Like all Gambusia species, the Eastern Mosquitofish is known for its insatiable appetite for mosquito larvae, and has been intentionally introduced around the world to control the pests. Unfortunately, the fish usually have negative impacts on fragile ecosystems, and are now considered to be pests themselves.
Main Colours: Brown, Silver, Black
Markings: Spots Small
Mouth: Upturned
Tail: Convex
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