Possible Compatible Species for Poecilia sphenops

Note: This is a rule based search which makes certain assumptions based on characteristics including size, temperament, temperature and pH. As with all advice, please use common sense before combining any two species.

 Scientific NameCommon NamesSynonymsFamily
 Pseudomugil connieae Connie's Blue-Eye
Popondetta Blue-Eye
Popondetta connieaePseudomugilidae
Aulonocara maisoniMason PeacockCichlidae
Aulonocara baenschiBenga
Benga Yellow
Sunshine Peacock
Yellow Regal African Cichlid
Copadichromis borleyiKadangoCyrtocara borleyi
Haplochromis borleyi
Pseudotropheus hajomaylandiCichlidae
Neolamprologus cylindricusCylindricusCichlidae
Poecilia sphenopsMolly
Sphenops Molly
Gambusia modesta
Gambusia plumbea
Lembesseia parvianalis
Mollienesia altissima
Mollienesia gracilis
Mollienesia macrura
Mollienesia pallida
Mollienesia sphenops altissima
Mollienesia sphenops macrura
Mollienesia sphenops pallida
Mollienesia sphenops vantynei
Mollienesia vantynei
Mollienisia sphenops
Platypoecilus mentalis
Platypoecilus nelsoni
Platypoecilus tropicus
Poecilia boucardii
Poecilia caudata
Poecilia chisoyensis
Poecilia dovii
Poecilia spilonata
Poecilia spilurus
Poecilia tenuis
Poecilia thermalis
Poecilia vandepolli arubensis
Poecilia vetiprovidentiae
 Selenotoca multifasciataSilver Scat
Spot-banded Scat
Scatophagus multifasciatusScatophagidae