Egeria densa, Elodea sp.
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Egeria densa, Elodea sp.

Common Names: Anacharis
Distribution: Native to North and South America, introduced to Europe.
Description: Usually sold in bunches of four or five dark green stems about 7-10" in height. Relatively transparent, green leaves are arranged in whorls of four and are generally about ½-1" long. The leaves may be straight or curled and of varying width, depending on the species. Roots will often grow from the side of the plant as well as the bottom.
Potential Height: 80cm   (31.5")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: Anacharis is arguably the most common and easiest to care for plant in the aquarium hobby. It tolerates almost any water conditions and light levels (though it grows best in bright light). Anacharis can be grown as either a floating or a rooted plant. The temperature of the water is not important as long as it is not too warm.
Difficulty: Easy
4°C - 24°C
39°F - 75°F
6 - 8
2 dH - 20 dH
Lighting: Nearly any form of relatively full-spectrum lighting will be enough, though Anacharis will grow faster under brighter light.
Propagation: Anacharis is most commonly propagated through cuttings. Cut a stem about 3-4" from the top and plant the cutting in the gravel. The original stem will send out a side shoot and continue growing. Uncommonly, and usually only in ponds, Anacharis is reproduced sexually when it produces small, white flowers above the surface of the water.
Comments: This extremely common and inexpensive plant is often used to feed goldfish (and other plant-eating fish), as well as freshwater invertebrates such as crayfish and larger shrimp. It is recommended for people just beginning to keep live aquarium plants due to its hardiness.
This plant prefers cooler waters, ~15~20 deg C, where it will grow thicker and more robust stems and leaves.
Do not flush this plant down toilet as it will choke waterways.
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