Nymphoides aquatica
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Nymphoides aquatica

Common Names: Banana Plant
Description: Banana shaped "roots" give the plant it's name. The "roots" actually just hold nutrients and when partially planted in the substarte it will shoot off true roots that will both hold it in place and feed the plant. Often used as a foreground plant, looks good in any setup.
Potential Height: 18cm   (7.1")
Growth Rate: Fast
Care: One of the easiest plants to care for. In high light the stems will grow longer. No fertilizer is necessary but a liquid fertilizer is better because this plant can take some time to grow roots. Stems and leaves grow extremely fast. A centimeter long stem with a baby leaf on the end can become a few inches long with a spread out leaf in just a few days.
Difficulty: Easy
17°C - 27°C
63°F - 81°F
5 - 7
3 dH - 6 dH
Lighting: Medium
Propagation: Rhizome division
Comments: A great first plant along with anacharis and java ferns due to how easy it is to care for. The banana shape should be partially planted to hold the plant in place until the roots hold it down but should also be shown due to the beauty of them.
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