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The Mutant Goldfish
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male usa
The parameters for what qualifies as your "favorite bottom feeder" is all up to you. Write down (linking is optional) on here what your favorite specie is. With that in mind: what's your favorite bottom feeder? Mine (so far) is the Peppered Cory.

Note to the Moderators/Administrators: If this is considered spam/un-necessary posting, remove this message. Just trying to start some conversation.

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Fish Addict
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well right now my fav bottem feeder is a L 264 pleco or a TSN catfish.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male malta
Any species of Corydoras are my favorite...... but I also keep some BN's & Otocinclus.
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Mega Fish
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female usa
My two Synodontis eupterus which are also the biggest fish I have ever owned.

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male usa
I really like my Otos, but I wouldn't call 'em bottom feeders! They're most often on the plants or taking a ride in the bubbles from the air stone. Lotsa fun to watch when the group up like a scouting party searching for food. They also chase my Danios.

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA 20g Freshwater Started June 10th 2008
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Mega Fish
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male australia
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probly be ether 1 of the plecos,or probly the featherfin catfish,ive got a huge 1 atm,ive really taken a shinning to em...
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male canada
I have a Albino Leopard Pleco. Very cool
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male usa
Clown loaches are my fav. My clown loaches are a regular riot sometimes. Besides the antics they keep the tank clean of snails and I even harvest snails from my planted tank for them thus keeping the population controlled. Over the years I have tried the ottos and plecos and some cats but loaches have been my favorite because of the personality and longevity.

"Talk is cheap. Action can be almost as affordable"
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male australia
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taken at least 9 months ago, he is now 6.5", and still eats algae! probably because he has lots of mbuna to put him in his place. its a golden chinese algae eater if you didn't know

oh and i love common plecos. i had one last year but for some reason it died, i think it got its tail bitten off by an angry silver perch. i went to buy another one the other day, but $45 for a 2" common pleco?! even by australian standards thats expensive!

woot woot woot woot woot woot
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Big Fish
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male usa
Polka-dot Botias and my Senegal Bichir
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