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SubscribeHelp!!! Rotten plants.
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male usa
Yesterday I purchased 2 Red Melon Swords and planted them as soon as I got home. My tank is on a timer, so the lights were not on when I left for work this morning, but when I got home, all of the leaves to the swords were rotten away with the leaves floating at the surface. I have kept planted tanks for years, but this is the first time that this has happened to me.
ph 6.8
amnonia .25...possibly due to the rotten plants
nitrite 0.0
nitrate 10
temp 79f

Any help is appriciated!

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Big Fish
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male australia
it's not uncommon for plants to lose leaves upon relocation... though i will admit losing all seems a bit odd... i would keep the roots in the substrate, but make sure the crown of the rootstock is above the gravel, and wait. melon swords are pretty quick growers, so it shouldn't be too long before you see new small shoots.
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male usa us-colorado
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I might turn my interest to the fish in the tank. Shredded
leaves and denuded stalks sounds more like a ravaging fish
than a dying plant.

Your comments indicate that you have had fish and
planted tanks for years so I seriously doubt that
you would have not noticed the telltale soft,
mushy, leaves and stalks as you were planting them
and realized at that point that they were a dying
plant. The indications from your note are that they
were perfectly healthy plants, until you got home.

If the base of the plant is still firm, and not
soft/mushy, then it could possibly regrow new leaves.
You might want to give them a chance.

79 degrees is generally a bit too high for some plants.
Somewhere around 76-78 is probably better.


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male australia au-victoria
Over the recent years I have always floated my plants for up to two weeks before I plant them. This allows them to acclimatize to its new conditions and strengthen the roots.
Melon swords can be a bit touchy at times. Did you clean up any broken root tips before you planted them?

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male canada ca-ontario
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If the plants were rotten in a day, it was probably already mushy when bought. If your tank temp was warmer then the store (plant display tanks generally room temp). That would accelerate rot. Fish know when a plant is weak and will eat it. This sounds exactly like when I bought L aromatica for the first time. I was so excited to get the plant that I didn't inspect it. If I had, I would have discovered mushy half rotten stems. Since then I physically inspect any plant before purchase.

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Big Fish
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male uk
I'd agree that a temp difference, plus hungry fish is the probable cause.
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