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SubscribePlants and Fish...compatable?
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If you have fish that prefer not much light, can you still have a planted aquarium? I have a couple of catfish/sharks that prefer it dark, can I still have a planted tank if the light is only on for ~6 hours a day? I love the live plants.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Lil Fishee
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The simple answer is yes, there are several species of plants that can grow in low light conditions. I am starting my first live plant aquarium as well and have spent the last several days doing research. Although I'm not sure about the hours per day, as most info that I have come across has reccomended 10 to 14 hours per day of light.

From what I have found, here are some ideas on plants that can survive in low light conditions.
-Java Fern & Java Moss
-Most all of the Anubias species
-Most of the Crypt species

Also keep in mind that low light plants have a tendency to grow much slower, so it will take a while to fill out your tank. To keep your maintenace low, check for plants that need no fertalizer or CO2. Also do a little research on your fish and make sure that they will not eat their newly planted home.

I hope that some of this info has helped you in your new venture, good luck and happy planting.


I forgot to ask about your filter, if you have an under gravel filter it will be hard, if not completely impossible for you to grow any type of plant in the substrate. Also if you have large gravel (3mm or larger) you will need to get plants that you can anchor to a peice of driftwood or rock.
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Actually, you can run tanks with several watts per gallon
of light and still maintain those fish. The trick is to
use either some floating plants or some stem plants that
will form a canopy across the surface of the tank. You
might trim the plants so that there is a small section
(in the middle? ) where there are no plants. The use of
broad leafed sword plants will also work as the fish can
swim between the leaf stalks and stay under the shade of
the large leaves.

As far as the use of a UGF and plant growth, that is an
"old wives tale" from decades ago and its rubbish.
I've a planted tank, with a UGF power head that has
been running over for over 14 years now and each
week, during water change, I toss out hands full
of plants.
The use of a UGF is entirely up to the tank owner and
what he/she plans go keep in the tank.


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I belive that the myph of the undergravel filter is due to most people not having a deep enough layer of substate so the plants will not root properly.
I have a 20g planted with Anubias and crpyts that has less that 1 watt per gallon and the plants seem to be doing fine. I add no CO2 but I do add Leafzone fertalizer once a week.
Wish you luck in your endevor.

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female usa
Thanks for all the info everyone! I have planted a few plants in and they seem to be doing well, but unfortunately, the only one I know the name of is the Bamboo. I wasn't smart enough to look at the names of the others. I will have to go back to where I bought them and find out. Oops. I am not looking for a totally planted Aquarium since one of my fish will grow very large and he needs room to move, but just some nice touches of color and someplace for smaller fish to hide out in. I am having trouble finding Java moss around here though and I really like that. Has anyone had luck ordering off the internet?

Also, can plants carry diseases dangerous to fish? Should they be put in a QT first?

Thanks for all the info everyone! You've been very helpful.

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Big Fish
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Personaly I have never heard of Plants that carry diseases, Now Parasites and snails.....YES. Well certain Parasites are a possibility. But snails are a definate, and any plant that comes from a LFS that has a snail problem is suspect. QTing for these alone is a good idea. Although some people (Myself included) dont bother QTing the plants, although I should.

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