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By: Natalie
A female Cherry Shrimp carrying eggs on her swimmerets.

NatalieA female Cherry Shrimp carrying eggs on her swimmerets.
NatalieAn immature female Cherry Shrimp. Females that have not fully colored-up can be distinguished from males by the presence of their ovaries, visible as yellowish blotches underneath the shell (see arrow). The ovaries will become more conspicuous when the shrimp is ready to breed.
NatalieA Cherry Shrimp hatchling: 2-3 days old and about 3.5mm long. Note that the shrimp is essentially a miniature version of the adult, in terms of both appearance and behavior, and does not go through a planktonic phase as many freshwater aquarium shrimp do. At this point, they are highly vulnurable to predation and are best kept separate from fish and larger shrimp.
careyCarey tank of shrimps

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