Photo Gallery for Betta splendens


By: ILuvBettas
Male betta

Awoken_Silence This is a red and blue VT Betta with it's fins flared up.
doodette this one is a bigger picture of my red/blue betta
breber_2006 dad in spawn tank Up-close photo of male betta. Extremely aggressive male betta flaring at a little snail.
ILuvBettas Male betta
sir_psycho This is my other betta, who looks to be a mix between a veil tail and a crown tail, but with some really nice coloring.
GuppyGuy91 The only fish that will let you pet him! my new male crowntail on the left and my younger crowntail on the right.
Callatya Short finned male.
Callatya Long finned female (cambodian colouration)
danelle Male betta flaring at reflection.
Callatya Crown tailed Male
sir_psycho Just my plain veil tail betta, who is only a month old.
thatsfishy Turquois female - slightly mamed from breeding
scott45acp My Office Betta
breber_2006 pickin up the fry
amarsalam amar salams fighter
OrSoBoT Betta Splendens
Siamese Fighting Fish
Awoken_Silence This is a red and blue VT Betta enjoying a good swim in the tank.
thatsfishy Yellow crowntail inspecting the breeding tank
sweetvegan74Violet and pink VT Betta named UB flaring his stuff.
xsolitaryshellxRed VT Betta
niko001This is my Mustard Gas Superdelta
GobyFan2007My Male CT Betta.
BM MiniaturesRed CT Male Fighter
BM MiniaturesRed Halfmoon female
BM MiniaturesRed Halfmoon Male
BM MiniaturesDay old CT Fry
BM MiniaturesPink/Red CT Male
BM MiniaturesPink/Red CT Male
MoFishMale CT betta

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