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SubscribeHow can I get rid of stubborn calcium carbonate?
Mega Fish
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female usa
I have had many years of calcium carbonate accumulate on the lid on my tank. Especially irritating is the blockage of light that occurs when the film of calcium carbonate developed over the plexiglass under the light. I tried scrubbing all the areas thoroughly with white vinegar and then with lemon juice for around half an hour, and the calcium carbonate is still very prominent. Is there anything I can do, short of just cutting the plexiglass out or buying a new top altogether?
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Fish Guru
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male canada ca-ontario
I remove as much calcium buildup as I can then soak in hot water with vinegar and some lemon juice and leave it be for half a day to a day.

You could go chemical with lime-away or CLR as well,
rinse thoroughly. (I rinse with regular water, then drop it in a bucket with water and a good dose of dechlor)

Eventually it'll be too worse for wear no matter what is done, when so a small strip of plexi is cheap at the hardware store and they may even cut it to your dimensions.

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I experience the same thing. Plexiglas at the hardware store seems to be the most cost efficient that I can find, but I'm going to try a custom mount for my light that raises it and the glass higher from the lid. Maybe being farther away from the water will help prevent the build up as quickly. Although that runs the risk of the fish being able to jump out... but that's another problem.
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male australia au-newsouthwales
You can also ring a glazier and get a piece of glass cut to replace your lid. Will not cost you much (replaced a lid on my 10 gallon tank and it cost a whole 5 dollars and they attached a handle for me).
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