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Aquascaping Links
I have a few aquascaping liks I thought I would share (suggested by Babelfish too). I thought it would be cool to make a thread collection with some...
trystianity1221-Nov-2006 22:56
found a great tool for playing with aquascaping ideas
just wanted to share it , incase noone else had seen/ found it!
hca518-Aug-2016 09:57
2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest now open
The 2011 AGA International Aquascaping Contest is open for entries! All that is required are 1 - 5 photos of your aquarium, a simple entry form, an...
AquaticGardener220-Oct-2014 09:02
What plants will look good in a 37 g. tank...
fishkeeper225327-Aug-2014 07:15
Fossilized wood
Can someone tell me where I can order real fossilized wood? I know that there are many imitations on the market that aren't even usable in an aquarium...
ztb23805-Apr-2014 23:42
75g replant
Pages: 1, 2
Just a quick pic of the tank redo taken with my phone. More to come when I find my camera. Sorry for the glaring white stones, they were fast buy at...
DaMossMan3022-Dec-2012 20:08
DIY decorations safe for aquarium
I was wondering what type of materials I would need to make my own decor. What type of paint would be safe. I want to make the picture shown. Any inp...
SkittyKat423-May-2012 17:17
live plants
H, is it safe for me to put plants growing in an outside pond (with goldfish in it)in to my aquarium to help feed my silver dollars. cheers...
rainbow60326-Sep-2011 14:17
new 75 gal plant tank
Pages: 1, 2
SOUTHAMERIKAZIAN II Ok a summary. SouthAmeriKazian (my 40g low profile breeder tank) was what I called my stage II tank. I lucked out and got a...
DaMossMan2530-Aug-2011 21:36
Cheap Substrate
I was looking around for gravel or sand or well anything for the bottom of my tank that would look nice. i decided on sand, i like watchin fish borr...
Ben_C113-Aug-2011 14:19
Eco complete and tahitian moon sand?
We are about to set up a 55 gallon aquarium. I've used eccomplete with great success in a 37 gallon aquarium. I wondered if anyone knew if I could use...
MWC124-Jul-2011 06:14
Floating Decorations
My 30 gallon tank has quite a few decorations but being about 18" tall, even my tallest plastic plants reach only about 3/4's the way up and the movem...
davyboy406-Feb-2011 04:32
55 gallon planting ideas
Hi! I'm new to the hobby and am hoping to have a 55 gallon tank tomorrow to set up. I've been skimming the forums for ideas and am thinking about a...
Hotaru605-Nov-2010 01:51
New Driftwood!
So indulge me in a short story if you will... As is custom for my wife and I, we go on vacation each year around the same time and drop off the lit...
PhoenixFirewall1005-Oct-2010 22:44
How can I get rid of stubborn calcium carbonate?
I have had many years of calcium carbonate accumulate on the lid on my tank. Especially irritating is the blockage of light that occurs when the film...
Discuslover87328-Sep-2010 07:47
Where to buy dried bamboo cane
I'm looking to buy small bamboo cane to put in a southeast asian setup. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find t...
Discuslover87418-Aug-2010 03:43
Filter Output For Effect
I have just bought a new 6f x 2f x 2f tank. It came with an Aqua One Aquis 2450 UV-C filter. The default setup for the filter output is to use the s...
glenn52101-Apr-2010 08:58
Floating Driftwood
Just purchased a piece of DW from my LFS. Not sure of the type, but it is redish in color and I have seen it in many fish tanks. Anyway, when I put i...
amackattack904-Feb-2010 00:11
building a sand box/digging pool for loaches
Hello! I have a 29 gallon tank, sparingly planted right now but I would like to fill it out as time goes on... I have this semi-large gravel that is...
devon71630-Jan-2010 23:51
I Need Help!!! 44 gallon
Im getting a 44 gallon pentagon aquarium and im wanting plants and some 3angels 2banjo catfish 1plecos 2 or 3guormias and possibly 2 discus is this a...
chopper3678220-Jan-2010 07:33
Back to Nature Slim-line Tank Background
Hi all I'm thinking of using Back to Nature Slim-line background, but wondered if any members could share their experience with it. Are there m...
TW722-Dec-2009 09:32
My 50 cube
Today I received some more plants to add to the tank. These stems and plants are still considered rare. Its very kind of members to send me some to gr...
Forever-mango216-Dec-2009 12:19
Help please - first time with Mopani Driftwood
Hi all, I recently purchased a small piece of Mopani driftwood for my Beta tank (from a pet store). The volume of the tank is 5.5 litres. I've...
Tom O.820-Nov-2009 04:23
84 gallon hex aquascaping
Im in the process of aquascaping my tank, and I would like some input. The tank is 30" across and 30" deep. I would like something that will cover u...
iHunt817-Nov-2009 05:12
My 20 long
Well, here are the most recent shots of my tank. I think it's coming along quite nicely. I Picked up a couple bunches of corkscrew val and camboba a...
PhoenixFirewall712-Nov-2009 05:05
cleaning wood!?!?!?!?!?!??!
I bought a piece of wood for my aquarium about 5 months ago. and at this time it is getting pretty covered up with green algae. i was wondering if the...
ku5626602-Nov-2009 05:47
My new 10 gallon planted aquarium
Hey all, just gettin back in the hobby, recently started up a 10 gallon planted aquarium. I thought I'd post a few pics and see what you all thought,...
Fishyandrew451328-Oct-2009 15:33
aquascaping competition?
Hi guys, are there going to be anymore aquascaping / tank competitions. I remember a few years ago we did, and we had different catergories such as a...
PJ1325-Oct-2009 17:34
removing tannins from driftwood?
what is the most effective way to remove tannins from driftwood?...
devon7425-Oct-2009 10:14
Lava rock?
I got some lava rock from a landscaping place for the flower beds and was wondering if it could be used in a fish tank? Its the stuff that is like red...
Gourami421-Sep-2009 04:49
Help...Stress Out
Hi... I'm so stress, can someone help me out. I want to decorate my tank with fake silk plants, I don't know what to get !!!! Can you give me some sug...
sugarcookie608-Sep-2009 05:44
Alternative(s) to boiling/baking driftwood
I am reaquascaping an older aquarium. I've been following the instructions here; However, its...
DonkeyFieldMouse603-Sep-2009 13:02
D.I.Y Background
ok so my question is when you make a background for your tank with the concrete and styrofoam, does the concrete need to have that epoxy reson stuff o...
willy211-Aug-2009 09:32
Plants For Rams
just wondering what type of plants would go well in soft acidic water and create a good visual barrier for line of site in the tank for my rams?...
willy1427-Apr-2009 07:49
Mopani wood & Clown Pleco
I am looking at purchasing a small piece of wood for my Clown Pleco and I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with the mopani wood and a clown ple...
Cmreds628-Feb-2009 23:14
Keeping sand and gravel separate?
I'm downsizing, and I want to keep a 15g tank with a few fish. I have a 15 gallon currently housing a single aggressive bn, and I will be making the 2...
Rookie_Boy1202-Feb-2009 01:44
Addin sand
Well I got my sand for my 55gal cichlid tank and was wondering what the best way to rinse it is? Also If I need to pour sand over the eggcrate and roc...
spankym13328-Dec-2008 03:46
Have I finally got it right lastest alterations to 45lt ?
I recently bought some Red Cherry Shrimps and they are breeding I quickly discovered them in the HOB. I tried the pantie hose trick but no good at a...
keithgh725-Dec-2008 04:04
Hey guys! Well I'm setting up a 55gal cichlid tank and wanting to use sand for a substrate. I was thinking to mix black sand with either pool filter s...
spankym131817-Dec-2008 14:39
Advice on "redoing" fish tank.
Can anyone offer any experiences or tips on rearranging my fishtank? 20g freshwater... I'm getting bored with the way I have it now....
mnventurer817-Dec-2008 03:17
Hey ya'll. were is a good place to find rocks or holey rocks. I'm putting a cichlid tank together and here in colorado our fishstores dont have much o...
spankym13920-Nov-2008 04:55
Aquascapeing A Bichir Tank.
i got this 125 gallon tank thats gona be stocked with mainly bichirs and a few diff fish no plecos tho. i was thinking about some cool small river roc...
riri1501-Oct-2008 04:03
My 4'er
The time has come to get stuck into making this baby work It is stable and it is stocked and it is... well, a wee bit ugly. I like the rocks, and...
Callatya1025-Sep-2008 22:55
Planted nanotank with a twist
I like planted nanotanks, they are lovely little things, but they look like so much work. i don't have the time or inclination to pamper various expen...
Callatya1425-Sep-2008 08:36
Cheap Substrate
I'm looking for some alternate sources (preferably in or near Adelaide metro area) to get a fine gravel (no bigger than 3mm) or course sand suitable f...
gunk825-Sep-2008 05:32
Give Me Some Ideas On My Tanks (55g update)
here is my 55g tank that was give to me with plants and some guppies most of the guppies have died since Iv have the tank they werenot a very good str...
DwarfGourami613-Sep-2008 08:13
Found perfect multi coloured rocks, Update 22&23- 8-08
Today I went looking at the local Garden Landscaper where they have rocks by the ton and the odd rock cost only a thank you. I went looking for a par...
keithgh923-Aug-2008 10:36
Im bored with my tank!
Ok so I have had my 55 gallon planted community tank setup for close to two years now and in that time I have never found and aquascape that I really...
RNJ_Punk813-Aug-2008 01:50
How Do I Cure Granite For My Aquarium?
would i just boil it?...
Cichlid Kid830-Jul-2008 07:12
Possible substrate change for 90 gallon
I've got small natural looking gravel in the tank. It does not have a undergravel filter, it has a hang on back and canister filter. I'm thinking abou...
General Hague430-Jul-2008 03:17
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