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SubscribeAlternative(s) to boiling/baking driftwood
Small Fry
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I am reaquascaping an older aquarium. I've been following the instructions here;
However, its been soaking for several mounths in the salt solution, instead of the weaks pescribed, and I was wondering if I could skip the boiling/baking part, of find a another way. (Pots not large enough, nor is oven)Essentially looking for another method to sterilise the wood.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Where did you get your driftwood from?

I'm rather worried about salt solution on wood, wood is very porous and would (I would think) absorb a lot of salt. You'd then run the risk of releasing the salts back into the aquarium.


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Mega Fish
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female usa
I would rather use a bleach solution (10% plain household bleach in water), rinse it off, then allow it to dry (any remaining bleach would evaporate when it dries)... would be a lot quicker than a month too.

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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
I've never boiled or baked my wood. I purchase all my wood from the LFS and expect it to be all okay. I've never had a problem.

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Small Fry
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The wood was collected freshly if you wold. As in, dead branches on the ground, not store bought.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
I worked with Wood most my life and have a litle knowledge about it.
All boiling does is soften the outer surfaces and it breaks down faster. Sure it will kill any surface nasties bit that is about all.
Collection DW can be a huge problem. 99% of the time you have no idea what species it is or where it came from and how it was grown.
Sure I have collected some but that was in tropical Aust where the wood would have been in the ocean for years then baked in the tropical sun for years.

The only safe way to treat DW would be under high pressure steam sealed containers and even then it will take a long time depending on its size and species of timber.

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The girl's got crabs!
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female australia au-newsouthwales
If you want to try it, I'd just soak it in a bathtub for a few days in freshwater, change the water daily, and see how it goes.

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