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SubscribeI Need Help!!! 44 gallon
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Im getting a 44 gallon pentagon aquarium and im wanting plants and some 3angels 2banjo catfish 1plecos 2 or 3guormias and possibly 2 discus is this a good stock for a tank??
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male australia au-victoria
I have asked this question in a very similar post you have posted.

Is it a tall tank and if it is this will greatly reduce what you can have have. It is to top surface area as well as the capacity that counts.

3angels 2banjo catfish 1plecos 2 or 3guormias and possibly 2 discus

I think you will have to rethink that list. Even if you get all of them (which I would not recommend any way) and assuming that they will all be small fish, You will have to get a far larger tank within in 6 months.

The Angels can become very aggressive, depending on the Pleco some can get huge, the Gourami again some of the bigger varieties can be aggressive and the very small varieties can be very shy/timid, I have never kept discus but I think they are better in a big tank by them selves.

You have started well by doing some research and you still have a lot more to do.

What would help is to tell us what experience you have and do you have a good LFS or a large retail store to buy and get all the correct info you will require.


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female australia au-newsouthwales
As mentioned in a previous reply to you (another thread) you should try for 4 discus (not 2). Unless you are going to get a larger tank in the coming months, the tank will be almost about fully stocked.

Some of the smaller plecos might be ok (eg peppermint). A lot of plecos get a taste for discus slime though and if this happens, the pleco must be removed immediately. Once they get a taste, the can't resist it and the poor discussed can be harrassed to the point of death. If it was my tank, I would add a school of around 6 small sterbai cories. They'll also help with cleaning up and are pretty cute. You could also add a small school of rummies and then I think you'd be fully stocked.

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