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Subscribelive plants
Small Fry
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male australia
H, is it safe for me to put plants growing in an outside pond (with goldfish in it)in to my aquarium to help feed my silver dollars.
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Anytime you bring things from the wild into the tank
you run the risk of bringing other creatures such as
snails, parasites, and others into the tank as well.
That being said you can soak the plants in a mixture
of potassium permanganate, rinse them under running water
while rubbing your fingers along the leaves to brush off
any hitch hikers. Some plants can be dipped in salt water
(same specific gravity as would be found in a marine tank)
for a few minutes to drive off any hitch hikers.

It is a risk but the risk is easily minimized.
Lastly, check with the appropriate authorities in your
area, some plants may be protected.


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Small Fry
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female canada ca-ontario
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Plants are an important part of ecological system in the water garden or koi pond. Pond Plants are also an essential part of maintaining the pond. If you have plants in your pond will have a lot of algae. Plants and algae compete for nutrients in the water. Pond Plants are very pleasing to the eye and actually helps in several ways. You want a good selection and variety of aquatic plants for ornamental fish pond or water garden. Plants help filter the water by converting fish waste into plant food. Pond plants koi waste used as fertilizer. Plants also provide oxygen for koi and protection from predators to the surface coverage. Aquatic plants also help in providing your koi with good spawning habitat. Many plants for water gardens and ponds. We offer a wide selection of water aquatic plants to choose from. All water plants play a necessary role, while beautifying your pond. All water plants add real value to their environment.
During the day the water garden pond plants breathe carbon dioxide and release oxygen. At night, pond plants breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Water pond plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants use carbon dioxide to produce energy or photosynthesis. All pond plants consume nitrogen products, such as nitrates and phosphates that accumulate in the water. Let your water garden plants that work to balance your pond environment. Foliage plants absorb carbon dioxide and minerals from the water which in turn starve the algae. Pond plants are necessary to prevent the pond water in search of green and cloudy, as the algae that grow out of control without them. The elimination of nitrates can reduce weeds and algae to be a minor problem. Pond plants are needed to balance water quality and provide coverage of the surface of your garden pond.
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