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75G Tank Updates.
Pages: 1, 2
Hey Guys I have changed my gravel to a darker color(black)and removed most of the rocks i had in my tank. Iam going to re-aquascape my tank and wil...
Rob16193923-Jul-2008 20:49
Mopani Wood?
anyone ever heard of it? picke dup some in the lfs today, looks like terrarium wood but it has fish on the sticker and goes into great detail about ta...
Cichlid Kid1023-Jul-2008 06:54
Granite & pH
Can anyone tell me if Granite has an effect on pH at all? Cheers, Robyn...
TW221-Jul-2008 14:42
Sand As A Substrate
I was reading in the faq guide (i read the entire thing!!!) and it said that you can use sand as a freshwater substrate. I've always heard that this m...
skyeye1120-Jul-2008 14:18
Drift wood in tanks...
Hi everybody... I have just recently set up my aquarium, and I am currently going through cycling, which all seems to be going well! I set the tank u...
Beno78220-Jul-2008 07:17
New Background
hey ive noticed that my backgrounds never stick the way they are supposed to, they come off the back of the glass and u can barely see them. any ideas...
skyeye118-Jul-2008 02:22
How Do I Make Driftwood Safe?
Pages: 1, 2
What methods would i use to make driftwood found from my local river safe to put in my oscar tank. i dont want any nasties and i want it to be safe fo...
Cichlid Kid2312-Jul-2008 04:43
What Is This Sappy Substance?
I have gotten a very nice peice of DW from my local river.the LR is fairly clean but for precautions i boiled the wood anyways.after the boiling proce...
Cichlid Kid409-Jul-2008 00:22
Re Escaping the 45lt bay window tank
After loosing the last M Betta I decided after a lot of thought to go for a Cardinal Tetra tank. This involved removing the big DW = 2.5lt. With th...
keithgh507-Jul-2008 09:22
Background. Question?
Hi guys. I just made my self a nice background for my 4 footer. But there is one question frequently irritating me. I'll explain... Look its made out...
Meer229-Jun-2008 22:08
5Footer Substrate Colour
Just a question re my tobe 5footer. Dark-black or stick with natural browns? I have some spare (20kg) or so of gold(light brown) 3mm and 5kg of 3mm r...
mews1116-Jun-2008 06:25
My son (Nicolas) 15g tank..Re-aquascape!
Pages: 1, 2
Hey guys! This tank my son keep and for the moment there are no fish in it! This is an older pic of his tank. [IMG]
Rob16193108-May-2008 15:45
New Plants
Pages: 1, 2
Heya guys! Im excited! Just ordered up some new plants for my tank. Here is what I will be adding: Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus) Sword, Ruffle...
Poobles3707-May-2008 09:47
Substrate Change
well long story short im changing my substrate. what steps should i take so everything goes well....
JBennett181308-Apr-2008 20:38
Hey, Does anyone know a quick and easy way to test rocks to see if they are safe to introduce into your tank? Thanks for any help....
meandefense525-Mar-2008 15:21
Blue Color Aura.
I was visiting a party last weekend and saw a very beautiful 50 gall. tank. I didn't get a very good look at it but the room was very dark it the tank...
Altpower425-Mar-2008 14:57
Mold On Driftwood
I recently added a piece of driftwood in my new tank, and since I have noticed a mold growing on it and on any piece of left over food. On the driftwo...
SUBEE376323-Mar-2008 07:06
I have collected several pieces of sandstone to put in my new tank. I read online sandstone is ok to put in your tank. Is that right? Also I need to...
SUBEE376215-Mar-2008 16:44
Differnt Types Of Drift Wood...
so i was looking on aquabid for some nice types of drift wood to add to my oscars tank to eventally be covered in differnt mosses... are these drift...
brandeeno1811-Mar-2008 03:08
Excellent Drift Wood find not so close LFS Pics
On the way back from the eye Dr naturally if you pass a LFS you must stop, go in and have a good look around. I asked the assistant any good large pie...
keithgh1010-Mar-2008 19:35
180G Looking For Inspiration / Ideas For Modified Scape
Pages: 1, 2
Hi After over a year of having pretty much the same scape we're shifting things around in our 180g. The tank has previously looked like [link=T...
Gone_Troppo2707-Mar-2008 21:55
The perfect prawn house
My little Jaquelin's (Jacques post-berry ) tank needs a redesign. Here she is
Callatya823-Feb-2008 17:24
hi i was wandering on a hill by my house and found brilliant red stones.. i collected them and took them home... found out they were old brick peices...
brandeeno404-Feb-2008 06:11
Changed my mind...I want sand!
Well, according to a similar post, i had a stroke of an idea! HOBs will get torn up by sand, right? What if I used a Prefilter, such as a prefilter sp...
GobyFan20071130-Jan-2008 06:25
..... About A Month
That is how long it takes to dry out sand from my 1.5ft tank. No yard to spread it out so it is on my balcony in a wide bucket. I stir it daily so t...
wish-ga530-Jan-2008 01:15
Wierd question.
Okay I have this one ornament in the Platy tank that is hollow, every three to four months as I am cleaning the tank I flip it upside down and a larg...
FishKeeperJim813-Jan-2008 05:44
Got rid of my plants
I got so tired of having to clean plastic plants that i got rid of them. I find them a real pain to clean for now on all I will use is decorative rock...
AquaClear_Fan411-Jan-2008 04:05
Got Rocks?
HI ALL!!! Does any body know of a good place i could look for rocks (Bsides my backyard) Or a place to buy? What kind could i get? I was looking at G...
GobyFan20071108-Jan-2008 05:25
Tree structures.
I am looking to put a tree/root structure in my tank. I am looking for any info on purchasing something or ideas of how to put something together....
tyler99991206-Jan-2008 10:30
Rose Quartz and Utah Ice
In our 10G that I just set up, we used rose quartz, and utah ice as the decor, and red gravel as the substrate. Does anyone have any experience with...
fishsage705-Jan-2008 21:46
Mixing slow-release substrates
With the up-coming plan to do a good cleaning of the UGF system, I have this insatiable urge to change up the substrate to something a bit more plant...
Ironhand74802-Jan-2008 21:43
Finally Got The Gravel!!!!!!
hey everyone! i just got the gravel for my new 55 after like 4 weeks of not being able to buy it. its not sand like i orginally wanted but its still...
sora528-Dec-2007 01:17
3D Rock backgrounds
I'm getting a new 6 foot tank early next year so I'm starting to plan the setup. I want to make one of these rock backgrounds out of polystyrene. I've...
cappa623-Dec-2007 23:03
Sand Questions For Nano Tank
Hi all! I have seen some nano tanks, and my favorite one has black sand as a substrate. I was wondering how hard it is to keep sand, in a nano tank....
GobyFan2007823-Dec-2007 04:38
Grapevine (Im Assuming) Driftwood
Hi all! I got a huge piece of DW i got from an Airplant/Orchid festival at the botanic gardens near me, and i had forgotten to mist the airplants, a...
GobyFan2007817-Dec-2007 04:39
My Nano tank
I really should do something with my nano tank. I want to increase the amount of gravel but not use that neon stuff, and redo the plants. Trouble is i...
Brengun1715-Dec-2007 01:14
also lol how should i get the driftwood ready? i hear if you dont wash it right before hand then it can really dirty up your water! thanks...
sora1112-Dec-2007 05:40
hey guys i just got anew 55 and im trying to figure out what todo with it.i was thinking about putting a large peice of drift wood in it and attaching...
sora712-Dec-2007 04:19
Suggestions for tank background
Hiya, Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a tank background that will accentuate the colour of our fish. Ie: bring out the blues. I was think...
fishsage509-Dec-2007 07:21
Sand Substrate And Potted Plants
Sand substrate and plants in pots. My gravel is a white quartz type in one of my tanks and I seem to have had no end of disease and problems in this t...
Brengun519-Nov-2007 17:23
From start to finish of the 5ft tank alterations plenty of photos
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Here are a selection of photos showing a step by step progress in resetting up the 5ft tank using only the existing Anubias and buying an extra nine p...
keithgh4615-Nov-2007 03:30
Airplane ornament/model This is what we've settled on. My boys are delighted. It's a plastic model, a...
Twilight613-Nov-2007 02:28
Grave Washing
hey i was just setting up my old 10 gllon, and i relized the gravel was dirty. so i thought about how to solve this problem with the least amount of p...
skyeye603-Nov-2007 18:50
Looking for airplane ornaments
Hey everyone. I'm not too sure where to post this, so I thought I would try this forum. I am in the process of starting an aquarium. My parents alway...
ca416295602-Nov-2007 23:28
29 Gallon Almost Finished!
up and running! startup and almost finished: [li...
reun720-Oct-2007 17:30
Aquascape changes day one and day two
Before I started I removed 25lt to eliminate any water splash. I also had plenty of towels at the ready. Four and one half hrs later and still mo...
keithgh211-Oct-2007 04:53
Should I do this to the 5ft tank Now full tank photo & NEW DW added Part 1
I am thinking of pulling out this big rock 53cm X 10cm X 10cm. Behind it is a gap about 10-12cm and all the very large Anubias tied to small rocks...
keithgh1310-Oct-2007 06:45
Black Light
Will a black light put in with the standard white light harm the fish? Or just the black light....
CameronK510-Oct-2007 06:01
Preparing for alterations big rock removed Part 2
It looks a mess I was suprised the very little amount of dirt under the rock. Have a look in [link=My Profile]
keithgh1109-Oct-2007 22:24
Those huge Anubias Part 3
Here are several photos of them the group measures close to 1mt and one plant measured 600mm. I deep gravel cleaned then replaced all the Anubias the...
keithgh709-Oct-2007 22:19
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