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Small Fry
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So I have a 20 gallon tank, that I've had set up for quite a few months. Since April, to be precise.. And lately, my Cory cat has been gaining a lot of weight. At first I thought it was because my tetras have stopped showing interest in their food, and have decided to attack my plants..
But today, I looked close, and he seems to have some sort of protruding area..? Like his stomach looks kind of clear and puffed out, and I can see some dark bits.
Is he just overeating, and will it go away in a few days, or should I worry?
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Mega Fish
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female usa
It's quite likely you have a female cory that is becoming swollen with eggs.

Do look to see if its scales are pineconing around the swollen area, which means it has dropsy, which is a sign of serious illness (although some assume the illness is called dropsy, it is a symptom of other diseases that cause the kidneys or liver to fail and fluid to build up in the body of the fish).

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