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new loach- Angelicus Botia
I discovered a new aquarium and reef shop today and bought 2 new fish, one was an angelicus botia loach. I keep panicking though because he disappears...
ztb23120-Mar-2023 08:50
Yo-yo lifespan?
Does any one know the average lifespan of yo-yos? My water is fine; zero ammonia, zero nitrites, ph is 7.6, and 5 nitrates. The other fish in t...
Kellyjhw508-Dec-2017 14:43
Freshwater Moray owners, Let's share experiences
Greetings to all you good people in This is my first post in the forum, so please be gentle with a newbie I like freshwa...
john_lord_b3008-Dec-2017 11:03
Best bottom feeder with Platies.
I am new to fish aquarium owning. I have started a 10gal tank with 3 platies, I have a Java Fern and another that I can't remember the name of(fish ar...
YoKanski107-Feb-2016 15:03
African dwarf frog feeding problems
Does anyone have some tips on easy ways to feding afd's? I feed mine bloodworms and pellets. I can't get mine to eat the pellets tips on how to ge...
BettaFishQueen221-Jun-2015 01:03
Cory Cats
I know corys are suppose to be kept in groups, but my question is can you keep different types of corys together and will they shoal/school?...
Bamaboy88102-Dec-2014 15:01
peacock eel.
so ive had my peacock eel for abour 2 weeks now, he usually is very shy and never comes out. I am wondering if it is maybe because of the other fish?...
barbdarb508-Nov-2014 09:12
black kuhli loach
so i bought a couple of black kuhli loaches and some sinking shrimp pellets to feed them. ive had them for a few days now and i havent seen them eat o...
ztb23306-Mar-2014 20:19
why did my otos die?
i did the research before buying the otos to make sure my water chemistry is compatible. it is. the temp was kept correct. there was algae on the wall...
ztb23311-Feb-2014 19:28
otto behaviors
what are regular and healthy behaviors for ottos? ive seen both of mine quickly swim up and tag the surface of the water and then swim right back down...
ztb23007-Feb-2014 08:22
guppies with ottos?
i know that ottos keep to themselves, but guppies are very active and have a short attention span that gets quickly drawn away to whatever else moves...
ztb23007-Feb-2014 05:58
10 gallon opinions
I have a 10 gallon tank with 3 guppies and 3 cherry barbs. I'm looking for a bottom feeder or algae eater that would be good for a tank this size. Any...
Bama88326-Nov-2013 02:37
peacock eel and tiger barbs...
So ive been keeping a peacock eel in my 30 gallon tank for roughly a month now, i know they are quite the picky eaters, ive tried burying freeze dried...
barbdarb126-Sep-2013 02:22
What is this fish?
This fish was given to me by a friend and is really cool and I'm wondering what fish this is? The one in the middle with the spots. I think it is some...
Andrewlakers24129-Aug-2013 03:17
new algae eater possibilities?
Hello, so i've been pondering what could be a better algae eater for my tank? I have a 30 gallon tank and i currently have a common pleco that i reci...
barbdarb218-Aug-2013 18:09
Albino Cory Cat.
So I have a 20 gallon tank, that I've had set up for quite a few months. Since April, to be precise.. And lately, my Cory cat has been gaining a lot o...
fairfarren109-Aug-2013 20:20
panda cory swimming in place
One of my panda cories is swimming about an inch and a half off the bottom in the same place. He swam to the surface and returned to the same spot. It...
jboston19129-Jan-2013 04:35
New Upside Down Catfish :)
I've recently acquired two Upside Down Catfish for one of my aquaria (probably Synodontis nigriventris , given that this is the closest visual m...
Calilasseia208-May-2012 02:55
Otocinclus Question
Hi, I have a 20g planted tank with a couple of Zebra Danios in it currently. I have a huge algae problem and have heard for small tanks the best op...
atryeu1509-Apr-2012 08:12
can hoplo and Porthole catfish be interbred ?
can hoplo and Porthole catfish be interbred?...
daddySEAL018-Dec-2011 20:53
holpo vs. porthole
[link= l]
bettachris1018-Dec-2011 00:45
Feeding corys vegetables
Currently, my habrosus and pygmies get a varied diet consisting of frozen bloodworms, algae wafers, Hikari sinking pellets, and New Life Spec...
CoryAddict326-Nov-2011 00:43
Crustation Frustration
Hey everybody! i have a blue crawfish he is usually pretty active night or day and he always come out for food or to snag some feeder fish but the...
Ben_C222-Aug-2011 14:26
Cac cleaner for 4ft BN tank
I have a 4ft BN breeding tank that has a trio of albino (the male is just over 16cm!), trio of common and 22 peppermints (5-7cm) so there's quite a lo...
membreya317-Aug-2011 19:26
I've bought some loaches!!!!
During a period of illness, my Panda Corys sadly went to the great fish tank in the sky, and consequently, I've been on the lookout for something a li...
Calilasseia320-Apr-2011 14:01
hi, my bottom feeder was small yesterday and now its 3 times bigger! my other bottomfeeder is still small though. what has happened...
acoll188217-Feb-2011 05:27
Tank Cleaners
Hi, I've always had Pleco's in my tank to keep it relatively clean, I'm just wondering what some other people would suggest, generally catfish from my...
davyboy524-Jan-2011 17:36
Please identify this fish
I bought two of these fish earlier today but forgot to write down what it was, please can someone identify it...
gordonuk212-Jan-2011 14:51
New 55 gallon
Just got a new 55 gallon tank and was curious about stocking some bottom feeders to help maintain it a bit. In my experience plecos get huge and creat...
Soidfuf307-Jan-2011 11:33
Oddball and catfish fans? Try the asian stinging catfish.
This site doesn't have a profile for this catfish, and I don't know how to make one, soI'm posting here Name: Heteropneustes fossilis or Asian s...
rambo_motim324-Dec-2010 15:25
raphael digging
My spotted raphael has dug a den under a piece of driftwood and hasn't left room between the gravel and wood to get out. It has plenty of room in the...
amazondon106-Dec-2010 02:04
pleco old?
Hi there, havent been active on these forums for years now, but im hoping i can get some help. I have a pleco (of some sort, never found out the exac...
Goh623-Sep-2010 00:01
angel loaches in with yoyos?
Hello all. just noticed my LFS had a lone angel loach. Does anyone have any sperience with these guys? would they fair well with a few yoyo loaches?...
divertran114-Sep-2010 00:39
Floating poo
Is it normal for plec's poo to float? Some sinks to the bottom, but I find some floating almost every morning in the left top corner. I...
Kellyjhw725-Aug-2010 18:53
L201 sexing
Hi all. New to the forum and i'm hoping someone can sex my L201 hypancistrus. I'm hoping they're a pair. [IMG]
fishheadz421-Jul-2010 20:00
Bristlenose babies- a few questions
I haven't posted here for years because I haven't had any problems- and nothing has ever bred in my tank before. I thought my bristlenose were both f...
a-cathp713-Jun-2010 01:37
Corydoras Overstock
I'm very overstocked. The problem is largely due to cories. The school varies from between 30 to 50. I am fortunate to have a LFS that operates mor...
amandalou216-Apr-2010 03:06
75 Gallon Catfish Suggestions
Hello I am currently in the planning stages of a 75 gallon tank and am not sure what to get for a catfish. As for tankmates nothing final but will mos...
mcdisgrace212-Apr-2010 00:52
yoyo loach
im going to put some yoyo loaches in my 47 gallon vertical tank. this tank contains 4 pepered cory's, 12 zebra danio's, and 3 gourami's. i need to kno...
dudehi629-Mar-2010 23:30
Reappearing Otto after about 10 months now 2nd one appears
I gave up with the ottos about 10 months ago after I lost the last two. After a bit of research I decided to buy some Cherry Red Shrimps about 5 mont...
keithgh1824-Mar-2010 05:59
I think my pygmy cories are spawning
I've got 9 pygmy's, and the past day or so they have broken into smaller groups, wiggling and shimmying, and making T formations, then repeating the...
hca422-Mar-2010 05:16
Zebra Loach!
These guys are wonderful! I think they are so cute and they are very active. I only had one for awhile and I just got him a friend a few days ago! The...
zebra322-Mar-2010 05:06
Feeding a pleco lettuce
Do you boil the lettuce before you put it in the tank?...
venustus421-Mar-2010 15:18
Smart plec
I caught my Sailfin plec doing the smartest thing ever the other day. I have 3 four-line pims that harass the plecs at feeding time. If the pim...
Kellyjhw106-Mar-2010 01:12
Food for my Pleco?
I have just 1 regular common pleco in my 20g tank. I'm wondering if and how I'll need to feed him? The person at the store said he'd be able to find h...
Cortrell1525-Feb-2010 06:29
I know this is CRAZY...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Guess what my hubby brought today? 3 four-lined catfish and 3 common plecos. They will be stationed in the 40 gal tall with the only 2 inhabita...
Kellyjhw4217-Feb-2010 23:50
One of my old CLs dies
Today it finally passed on for the last 2-3 weeks it had not been eating and was laying behind a huge piece of DW up high in the Anubias. It measur...
keithgh205-Feb-2010 17:38
Rubber LIpped Pleco?
does anyone have any info on a "rubber lipped pleco"? or possibly the link to a profile, ive looked on this site but nothing for a fish by that name....
Cichlid Kid604-Feb-2010 09:46
Are all kuhli loaches pigs?
My two little kuhlis eat non stop. I feed them half a wafer twice a day and every time I put it in before it hits bottom they're all over it. Am I not...
zeketaz901-Feb-2010 02:17
HELP !?!?
man i have a tiger shovelnose catfish about 10 inches long ... i know there nocturnal but mine always stays down by the bottom and only moves at night...
cjwalker28722-Jan-2010 03:56
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