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Subscribepeacock eel and tiger barbs...
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So ive been keeping a peacock eel in my 30 gallon tank for roughly a month now, i know they are quite the picky eaters, ive tried burying freeze dried bloodworms in the gravel for it, and ive also tried to hand feed him, but what ive quickly realized that my tiger barbs produce a tricky situation when it comes to feeding him. The only food i have seen him actually eat is ghost shrimp,but i would love to feed him worms of some sort or something that he would actually come up and eat out of my hand so i would at least know that he is eating regularly. Ive tried burying freeze dried bloodworms in the substrate but then would later notice my tiger barbs digging where i buried it and i would presume that they would get to it before my eel has a chance. For the most part my eel seems completely healthy, i just want to make sure that hes feeding and would love some suggestions for food for him. Any help would be great (:

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You could try feeding late at night. Don't turn the tank lights on, and keep room lights dim.

Tiger barbs pretty much always beat anything to food though. And if they're anything like my fish, they get used to the sound of the tank lids being moved meaning it's feeding time and will wake up right away.

Could also try putting the food right near his hang out spot in addition with trying to distract the TBs with some well crushed up flake (smaller pieces spread out more take more time to eat ect)


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