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Subscribeyoyo loach
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im going to put some yoyo loaches in my 47 gallon vertical tank. this tank contains 4 pepered cory's, 12 zebra danio's, and 3 gourami's. i need to know a bit of background info on these yoyo loaches. i was going to get clown loaches but they get too big for the tank. do yoyo loaches eat living plants becuase i have a mix of both live and fake plants? are they agressive towards bigger or smaller fish? when they are bigger will they begin to bully or eat the danio's or anything? do they really eat snails and a good snail patroll so snails dont overpopulate?

those are the basic questions i want answered before anything becuase i did do a little bit of some reaserch on them but those are more specifics so im coming to the experts hehe
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Fish Addict
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Since this appears to be a TALL tank, as you say vertical... it doesnt have as much surface area, or a bottom foot print as a regular or long 47, so it must be stocked quite lighter....

Since cories and yoyo's are both bottom dwellers- you really dont have the room for 2 schoals. The peppered cories will reach 3 inches each, the yoyo's 4-5 inches each... The yoyos are semiaggressive and I believe the peace loving cories would have a hard time finding any food, and might even be harrassed by the yoyos...

Since you only have room for 1 decent sized group of bottom dwellers Id stick with just the cories, and add a couple or so to them....

I have a "tall" 45, and I cant imagine having both types of fish in there together in decent numbers for both to be happy.
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male usa us-florida
o i see what your saying. loaches just seems so cool and i was wondering if i add 2 more or so to the Cory's and add like 2 kind of loaches that get small and meet my requirments of the question's i asked above about the yoyo loach. or do all loaches naturally get big??
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I have yo-yo's and they are a very active fish. I don't think a 47 high/tall has enough elbow room, if you get my meaning, for the fish to truly give a look at their antics. They are all ways moving and that's just not enough room, even if you didn't have the cories. I have a 55 gal. and they race up and down the length of the tank with the barbs. They will pick on fish that will not get out of their way, but I've never seen them attack my neons, which is a much, much smaller fish. However, I have witnessed them jump in the middle of an Angel fish fight and back them both down. I've also seen them nip at the tail fins of the Angels, just because.

If you decide to get yo-yos you must be prepared to get a bigger tank. They prefer to be in shoals of at least 6. Their life span is longer than barbs and tetras. As in the past 2 years, I've lost almost all of my neons, and half of my barbs. I haven't lost one yo-yo.

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Kelly ;o}
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YOYO Loaches

That is the big problem with tall tanks, new fish keepers are working in Lt/Gal in the tank. Forgetting about the water surface area.

You say Gourami what variety do you have there is a big range in size and temperament?

This link also has other loaches for your interest.

Have you considered the small Striped Khuli Loaches?


Near enough is not good enough, therefore good enough is not near enough, and only your best will do.
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male usa us-florida
at first i acually wanted to get kuhlli loaches but they just dont sell them. mabey i can get some from a private seller but i dont think my parents will buy that. when i first got the tank i did not plan on getting the Cory's. i planned on getting the kuhlli loaches but just couldnt find them.

as for the not enough room thing, i was just thinking of getting like 2 yoyo loaches and my Cory's go up and down the sides and likes hiding in the fake plants untill i get more real ones. i want to know if they will attack my other fish.

i also want to know if their are any other loaches i can get that are mabey smaller ( =
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male usa
You would want to keep loaches in schools 3 as absolute smallest group per sp., preferably 6 or more. Possible Botia Skidamunki, Botia Nigroliniatus, or even Botia Strigata may work for you.
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