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Small Fry
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I have a 4ft BN breeding tank that has a trio of albino (the male is just over 16cm!), trio of common and 22 peppermints (5-7cm) so there's quite a lot of excrement in the tank.

I am running it bare bottom and wondering if there is anything I can put in the tank to help clean the mess (at the moment I'm doing 15% water changes every 4-5 days)

Would shrimp help at all?
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Mega Fish
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male usa
There is nothing that eats fish waste. The best thing you could do is install a power head to keep the water moving so this stuff will get sucked up by the filters. Plecos come from fast moving waters so they will like the extra current in the tank.
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The only "cure" is to physically remove it, and that should
be done with your weekly water changes.
Depending upon where you live a product such as the Python
Water changer or something similar is something you might want to purchase.


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Fish Guru
Piranha Bait
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Plecos are poop machines, that many in tank (bare tank meaning growout tank ? ) I'd manually siphon once daily before it hits the filter.

The Amazon Nut...
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