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kuhli loach question
Would a kuhli loach attack tetras? I came home from work today and my little male tetra was dead....
zeketaz1516-Jan-2010 14:18
I think i have eggs!
Ok. I woke up this morning and was looking in my aquarium when i saw my two asian stinging cats out in the open but staying near the middle rock. I we...
cichlidl0ver114-Jan-2010 16:48
I'm trying to identify my plecos
We have a local petstore that is run by people who like rare plecos. They introduced me to some really cool ones and I bought 3. I'm just trying to...
sarphus113-Jan-2010 03:36
Shrimp question
I have been looking into getting some shrimp and what I read is that they're not compatible do to crossbreeding. What is so bad about crossbreeding?...
zeketaz305-Jan-2010 00:39
WOAH! what a leap!
So today I almost tripped and fell right in front of my fish tank, and made a loud vibration... the lid on my fish tank was pushed just a little bit b...
devon7204-Jan-2010 07:22
my loaches want me to pet them!
My Dojo loaches like to brush up against my hands whenever I put my hands in the tank. Is it bad for them to touch my hands?...
devon7302-Jan-2010 11:32
Urgent Bristlenose advice !
Urgent help please . I just pulled out my TUFA rock disdlay to enable a good vacuuming session but my MALE bristlenose was reluctant to let go of h...
Zincubus517-Dec-2009 21:56
I think my Yo-yo's went on strike!
Okay, long story shortened, I stopped giving my yo-yo's the ponds snails out of my 40gal. (I feared passing on whatever was contaminating the 40g...
Kellyjhw613-Dec-2009 19:29
New Dojo Loach
Hey there, so I bought a Dojo loach for my 29g tank today because I thought it was just so darn cute and he/she seemed like a good candidate after cha...
devon7206-Dec-2009 22:48
Pygmy Corys
I really want to have pygmy corys in my 29 gallon tank, but they're not that common and I'm having trouble finding them. Buying them local isn't an op...
Spannsa528-Nov-2009 23:08
Albino/Emerald Green Cories.
Hi, I have two Albino Cories and two Emerald Green. I read somewhere that they need cover from extended direct light from the bulb, especailly the Alb...
PaulO502-Nov-2009 07:14
Will the Bristlenose eat plants?
Sorry if this has been answered but the search didn't seem to turn up anything. I have about 12 bristlenose in a non-planted tank but wish to move...
Killifisher420-Oct-2009 19:55
Plecos and Shrimps??
Ive got a planted tank with ammano shrimp in it right now. I love them to death, but they don't do a great job with algae on the glass. I was gonna pu...
Gourami523-Sep-2009 01:07
going something new,and BIG.
hey some of mite know i just got a saratoga jardini,and hes currently waiting for sevral tank upgrades over the next 6-9 months. as these fell...
HOKESE1920-Aug-2009 20:53
Royal Whiptail Babies - The First Week
on first of july my panamense hatched out - 54 babies! i put dad on his leaf in a breeding trap a day earlier, where he happily settled down to aerat...
jase101709-Aug-2009 11:36
Just got myself a Pleco, about 100mmm long he/she is, hasnt come out yet so not sure which sub species or whatever it is. What have ppl been feeding...
neilb615-Jun-2009 20:05
RTB Shark - Feeding
Hello, I have just purchased a RTB shark. Its about 4 inches in length. I have had it for a few days and not seen it eat yet. What should I be feedin...
sterobin508-Jun-2009 09:18
Sumo Loach Who..
Sumo loaches, anyone have experiences with them, keep them? I purchased one bout' 6 months ago, hes doing awsome! just moved him to my 80gal.. hes tak...
itsjustme1966208-Jun-2009 00:43
Yoyos And Clowns V's Snails
hi folks, i have an outbreak of malaysian trumpet snails in my 6footer and would like to know if yoyo loaches will eat them? i know clowns will, but...
jase101607-Jun-2009 02:48
Sturisoma With Eggs!!
very very excited - i have just found my sturisoma panamense male guarding and fanning about 40 eggs on the leaf of a big amazon sword!! i doubt the...
jase101423-May-2009 00:08
I Found 1.
ok guys,theres a tiger shovel nose catfish at my lfs. basicly my guy said he imported it for a customer who left a $150 dollar deposit on it,and now m...
HOKESE521-May-2009 11:26
Pandas Have Spawned Again!
After a barren period during which I had some problems with the Panda Fun Palace, everything is back to normal, and my Panda Corys are spawning again!...
Calilasseia603-May-2009 10:46
Breeding M. thoracatum
Anyone have experience with these hoplos? I have a pair, one male, one female, both about 7-8cm long (exluding caudal fin). I've read
Fish_lover330-Apr-2009 20:55
Otocincluscatfish Looks Fat
Hi folks, I got 5 otto cats three weeks ago. They had been at the LFS for three months, and seemed to transition fine. I see one is quite big in th...
AnnieM219-Mar-2009 04:32
Cory Ambiacus Loss And Questions
Hi folks, New post followup about ambiacus. Sad news... the largest of the three new Ambiacus is dead this morning, and a second looks ready to go a...
AnnieM417-Mar-2009 19:42
Bristlenose breeding??? Help, What do i do next
I have a pair of bristlenoses.. I got two to keep each other company and i was hoping for two of the same sex but ones got bristles and the other do...
TravelingGypsy917-Mar-2009 11:12
Have Single Fish... Needs Companion(S)
My corydora (agassizii or Brevirostris... looks the same to me!!) lost his companion and he need to either find a new home, or I need to find one or t...
AnnieM1715-Mar-2009 20:59
7 Baby Bristlenoses
hey guys,my mother in law brought back 7 baby bns,today,1 of her freinds apparantly has a bn pair,witch are just spawning like crazy,so hes trying to...
HOKESE1114-Mar-2009 05:40
Bristlenose Killing Fish?
I've had a Bristlenose catfish for about 6 years (I bought him as an Ancistrus Goldspot). A couple of weeks ago I bought 3 Yoyo Loaches, mainly for s...
PsiBorg812-Mar-2009 15:55
Yo-yo's as peace keepers
My 5 angels have really grown and are now picking at each other. I guess, trying to pick a mate. Funny thing we noticed. Whenever they get too...
Kellyjhw202-Mar-2009 10:06
Botia Striata or Zebra loach help
hi guys bought 2 of these little guys the other day. Just some Q's 1. do they eat snails? (please say yes) 2. what do i need to feed them? (feedi...
juwel-180502-Mar-2009 10:03
Gold Nugget Pleco
i have a gold nugget pleco,since i lost my large gt male who was the peace keeper,the pleco has been getting real aggresive,he chases all the cichlids...
HOKESE802-Mar-2009 09:13
10gal Betta Tank: Algae
I've got a ten gallon tank with nothing but a Betta in it. It has slight algae growth. It's slowly getting algae on the tops of the rocks and I was wo...
Soidfuf402-Mar-2009 03:14
Bristle Nose Round Up
Looking for a few ideas to catch a bunch of BN plecos unknown amount in a well planted 55gal...
donovan527-Feb-2009 05:47
A few days ago my Bristlenose pair laid some eggs & I removed the ones that where out of the cave that the male was guarding. The female was quite bat...
jasonpisani1024-Feb-2009 15:57
Brine shrimp?
I have a new batch of corydora eggs that are going to be hatching in about a day or 2 and i am trying to cultivate some brine shrimp for them. but i j...
ku5626521-Feb-2009 17:32
55 Gallon Catfish Suggestions
hey i've got a 55 gallon aquarium with two young jack dempsey cichlids(2in) and 1 young green terror(2.5in) these are all very docile especially for t...
RLHam3902-Feb-2009 22:25
Yo Yo Loach Behavior
Hi everyone, Is it normal for an adult(rougly 2 years old)to suddenly change behavior and become very active? I call very active her constant pacing...
Cmreds326-Jan-2009 16:16
Otocincus+Algael Wafers?
if my otto is eating an algae wafer each night should iadd one each night or every other night or what?...
Cichlid Kid625-Jan-2009 21:42
My L142
Pages: 1, 2
Got this guy the other day, cracking little fish... tal/l142090.jpg" border="0"> [img]http://img.photobu...
Mez2125-Jan-2009 07:52
yoyo VS amno?
i want a yoyo for my tank (mainly to eat the snails, i know i could get a clown loach but they get so big) my main Q is will the yoyo eat my fully gro...
juwel-180622-Jan-2009 23:55
Just bought these guys
Today i went out and bought two striped raphael catfish. Anyone keep these currently or have kept them? I needed something that could be ok with cichl...
quick_silver_26941022-Jan-2009 06:51
What to do about my injured baby cory...
Here is a picture: I found it in my dirty water bucket. It must have been damaged during...
checkerboard718-Jan-2009 19:34
Green spoted pleco?
My father in law got a new pleco for $80 in Halifax Canada a few months ago. It looks like a Gold nugget or Snowball pleco but the spots are lime gree...
steven1982813-Jan-2009 05:43
Clown Loach Question
I recently took a trip to Arizona to help my sister move into her new house, I was gone for a total of 2 weeks. While I was gone, my 55 gallon tank d...
truestar321-Dec-2008 23:28
Whiptail Catfish Photos.
Not sure on the exact ID, hopefully shinigami can help out here, however i am pretty sure its a Rineloricaria sp. [IMG]
Mez519-Dec-2008 02:16
Smaller plecos
What are some good smaller plecos? For lets say a 30 gallon tank? Just a random question. I have no plans to put a pleco in my 30 anytime soon. haha...
sora819-Dec-2008 00:32
We Have Eggs
Hi can anyone tell me if I can successfully breed whiptails?? They have eggs they are keeping a close watch on and I wonder if there is anything I can...
linnie1027-Nov-2008 22:20
How do I get my Panda Cories to eat live Daphnia?
They are eating non-live food but when I added hundreds of live daphnia to the tank, the cories aren't going after them....
checkerboard424-Nov-2008 05:23
Young Albino BN & cross breeding
I have just discovered by this photo I have a male BN I hope one of the other Albinos is female. Can the Albino and the common BN cross breed? [i...
keithgh819-Nov-2008 23:58
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