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SubscribeWhat to do about my injured baby cory...
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Here is a picture:

I found it in my dirty water bucket. It must have been damaged during the vacuuming. Its tail is bent almost 90 degrees. Now, it swims in circles. But it has survived for two days now (I thought that it wouldn't survive the night).

Should I:
a) Leave it alone and hope the tail will grow straight.
b) Try to straighten the tail and hope it will heal properly
c) Feed it to the fishes
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Ultimate Fish Guru
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male uk
Feed it to the fish. Most useful, but not most humane way.
Personally i'd just bash it on the head.
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Fish Addict
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DONT FEED TO THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the corys will get stuck in mouth or throat of fish..... both will die.
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Joe Potato
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Personally i'd just bash it on the head.

If you have the stomach for it, this is the most efficient/humane way. When small fish need to be euthanized, I put them in a plastic bag and squish them with a brick or cinder block. Death is instantaneous.
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Of your options, feeding it to the other fishes would be best. But yeah, crushing the skull is how to euthanize fish. Other ways include cutting the spine and the ice water bath, but the blow to the head is the quickest.

I highly doubt a cory fry will choke a fish. It's fin spines and armor are likely not that well-developed yet.

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian.
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Cichlid Kid
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male usa
how about freezing them,may not be very humane but its how i do it.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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I think it should be for you to humanly send the poor thing on its merry way if it has not gone there already.

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