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Big Fish
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male australia
hi folks,

i have an outbreak of malaysian trumpet snails in my 6footer and would like to know if yoyo loaches will eat them? i know clowns will, but they're gonna stand out like a sore thumb in my south american set-up - the yoyos might blend a little better!

i'm loathe to add loaches as i hate mixing regions, but traps have proved ineffectual and i'd rather not use chemicals.

any thoughts?
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
Being a 6ft tank it will take more than a few days to remove all the snails plus all their eggs.

I personally would get two smaller CLs grow them on and then sell them. The prices some LFS are charging for good CLS is just over the top.

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Show me the Shishies!
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female australia au-victoria
I have kept both kinds of loach and found that the clowns were better at maintaining the snail population.

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Fish Addict
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male usa
Depending on what you keep in that tank. get like 5 clowns and just keep them, they'll keep it snail free and add more entertainment to the tank.

Yea if your gonna sell those clowns, dont sell them to any shops. I had to get rid of mine because of a move and other issues. and well my clowns was as large as 5 inches and smallest was 3. I got $30 for all 6, hes now selling them for $45 each.

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Big Fish
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female usa us-michigan
Funny you should ask that question. I've been looking FOR MTS for a time now. I finally saw my LFS chain had an outbreak of MTS. (they usually have pond snails everywhere) The first store advised against giving them to me since they had just started treating the tanks chemically to kill them. So I passed. I took a chance that the same chain store in a different nearby city might have a smaller outbreak. I was right! The MTS had just started to make an appearance at their store in the past 2 weeks, so they didn't have many. I had the girl bag up about 7-10 snails. I popped 4 in my new tank, which has no fish yet, and the remainder in my 55gal. The snails are cruising along in the 40gal with no problems. The 55 has empty MTS shells. The fricking yo-yos ate them all the same day I dropped them in. I can't keep any inverts other than pond snails in that tank! If the pond sails are smart, they keep a low profile until they are hard enough and big enough to not be sucked out of their shell or crunched up (babies). But to answer your question, yeah yo-yos will eat MTS.

P.S. The 55 gal has:
5 Angels (2 soon to be moved to the 40gal)
8 Black ruby barbs
6 Yo-yo loaches
5 Neon tetras

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Kelly ;o}
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male usa us-colorado
EditedEdited by FRANK
Just out of curiosity, what makes you think that you have
an "Outbreak" of MTS? Normally, this snail stays within
the substrate only venturing above the substrate at night,
or, when there is a surplus of food laying about on the
gravel, or when conditions within the tank are so bad
that they can't stand it.
A good gravel vacuuming with a Python
or similar vacuum would loosen up the substrate and
clean it of the debris that has settled both on the
gravel surface and in the spaces between the grains.
At the same time, a good many of the snails would be
sucked up by the siphon and discarded that way along
with the detritus.

This snail is actually "self regulating" in that it rarely
over reproduces for the foods available.


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Big Fish
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male australia
hi frank,

i've been over-feeding greens for the last three weeks or so as i have 2 baby sturisoma panamense who have to compete with the 5 adults, who are giants compared to them! so there's always spare zucchini, peas and broccoli stem lying around - hence the outbreak - of course i mainly see the mts at lights-on in the morning, but there's still more of them than i'd like. the babies are fattening up nicely, though, so i probably only have another two weeks of over-feeding.

once the bubs are competing well for food i'll be going back to the normal feeding routine - will see if this helps, and will continue trapping.

some pics of the sturisoma attached
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