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SubscribeAlbino/Emerald Green Cories.
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male usa us-tennessee
Hi, I have two Albino Cories and two Emerald Green. I read somewhere that they need cover from extended direct light from the bulb, especailly the Albinos. I have a makeshift cave that works nicely, but they wont go in. They just keep swimming along the glass. Is it true that the need a cave type structure, or is that a fabricated fact.

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Fish Addict
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i got 4 true wild julli corys and they use a melon sword plant to hide and play in......... mine use to hide in the plant when i go over to the tank but the feeding with live brine shrimp and black worms.......
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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Hmmmm I've never heard that about albinos of course that's not to say it's not true.

Mine used to like going along and hiding in the plants, I had a few cave like structures but nothing much. The spent plenty of time digging around out in the open.

The big thing with caves is to make sure that if you do have any sort of air stone or bubble wand that there's no way for the bubbles to get trapped up inside an enclosed area.. make sure there's a hole at the top of any decorations for the air to escape from otherwise it can turn toxic to the fish.


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female usa
Whoa, thanks Babel! I'm glad I stumbled onto this thread. I didn't know that about cave-like structures!
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Fish Addict
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male usa
Babel, that situation you describe with the trapped air turning toxic, is that like what happens when you get pockets of air in a sandy substrate, anaerobic pockets?


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Most folks who use an air stone do it because they want
to oxygenate the tank, increase the currents within the
tank, and just plain enjoy the "look" (movement) of
the bubbles as they rise to the surface. Very few arrange
their hard scape so that the bubbles will be trapped.

Usually, what happens is that as the detritus under the
ornaments or within a cave, decays, it gives off
gasses (bubbles) such as Hydrogen Sulfide (toxic)
that over time will accumulate in the nooks and crannies of the ornaments.
That is the main reason for having holes or gaps in the
tops of the hard scape or arrange the structure of the
cave so that it slants upward toward the mouth so they
can escape to the surface and pop into the atmosphere.

As a general rule, true Albino, anythings have red eyes,
and those eyes are missing pigments that will protect the
eye from bright sunlight (or brightly lit tanks). They
tend to appreciate shade provided by floating plants forming
a cover across the surface, or from large leafed plants
such as some of the Amazon Sword family. Also, many fish
feel exposed and vulnerable to predators when there is no
plants in a tank for them to shelter under. The resultant
stress can affect their health.


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