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SubscribeWill the Bristlenose eat plants?
Fish Addict
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Sorry if this has been answered but the search didn't seem to turn up anything.

I have about 12 bristlenose in a non-planted tank but wish to move them to my new planted tank, but I don't know if they'll eat the regular plants (swords, grasses, mosses, anubis, etc).

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male usa us-delaware
They don't eat Anubias, Java moss, or Java fern. I haven't kept any other plants successfully other than the above and water sprite, but that's not because the plecs were eating them, but because I don't have a light on my tanks.

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I have a tank full of Anubias and a little Serrated Java fern also floating water sprite (Indian Fern) and they are never a problem they prefer the algae on the DW.

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male usa
I've had claros absolutely demolish anubias during a four week period I was awol, though, to my credit, the back of the automatic feeder had fallen off.
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Fish Addict
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male usa us-tennessee
I have bristlenose in 3 planted tanks and none of them have offered to eat anything but algae and zuccini. I have various swords, anubias, crypts, ambulia, red tiger lotus, and many more including floating plants. I assume you have real driftwood and supplement their diet with zuccini or some other raw veggie. 12 in 1 tank goes through a ton of algae. Been there, moved 6 from a 55g after they ate it clean in 3 days!
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