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Small Fry
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We have a local petstore that is run by people who like rare plecos. They introduced me to some really cool ones and I bought 3. I'm just trying to figure out which 3 I have so I can care for them properly.

So far they seem to be pretty happy at an mbuna PH in a 125 gal tank. It was supposed to be an mbuna tank, but my wife started naming the community fish I put in there just to get the bio filter going before I put in expensive fish, so it's a community tank.

I'm pretty sure this one is
Hypancistrus sp. l-333

I was surprised to find him not eating algae that much until I read about l-333 being a carnivore. He eats the shrimp pellets I put in for the pictus cat.

This one they had labeled as a "Vampire" or something. I'm interested in knowing the classification name, though.

Edit: I think I might have figured him out. I think he might be L075 - "Rio de para pleco"

I forget what they called this one. This is a bad picture. It's kinda a grey/green base color with black poka dots and white tips on all his fins. This one is my favorite... when he has his fins out he looks amazing.

Found him. It was dumb luck. I found one that looked similar on google and looked up his scientific name. The 2 names were actually not very similar, but there was one of these on the same page.

L264 (Leporacanthicus joselimai)

Look that up on google images for a much better image.

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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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Your ID's look right AFAIK, although there are other L-numbers that are similar to both L333 and L075.

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