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Subscribepanda cory swimming in place
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One of my panda cories is swimming about an inch and a half off the bottom in the same place. He swam to the surface and returned to the same spot. It's an open area, right behind a rock and next to driftwood.the others are behaving normally. I turned the light off for the night and checked a little while later. He was still there. Any ideas why he's doing it? Thanks in advance!
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How many other Pandas are there? Where do they spend their
time? Could be that it is ailing, or simply found a spot
to it's liking. Is is eating as the others are, or is it
off its routine? Paler than the others? Got Ich which will
show up as what looks like small grains of salt on its

What is the water chemistry values (with numbers, not
"good, or fine" but numbers.


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