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Does anyone have some tips on easy ways to feding afd's? I feed mine bloodworms and pellets. I can't get mine to eat the pellets tips on how to get her to eat pellets? She trys, its almost if the pellets are too hard or big, but I'm not sure that's the case since afd's are nearly blind. Help me plzzzzz

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Frogs in nature eat live insects. Try tossing some small live crickets on the surface of the water. I think they might find those much more appealing than a soggy and motionless pellet on the bottom of the tank.
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Pellets are not really suitable for frogs. If you want to feed pellets let them soak until they are mush. Often you can just let them sit on the bottom of the tank and eventually the frog can eat it. Depends on the pellet. There is a danger though that dwarf frogs when they go to suck in food on the bottom will get some substrate and die. Depends on your substrate. Sticking to bloodworms really is best for the health of the frog. You can also find other frozen meaty foods. I usually took tweezers and held small food items in front of mine. That's why mine were usually in a 5g tank. I did put some in my 90g with a resting area near the top. They survived fine actually. People say they can't swim that deep but they did sometimes. They tank was heavily decorated and planted so they had plenty of places throughout the water column to rest. I fed a variety of frozen foods to my variety of fish so they could steal some of that. It's still much easier to keep them in a shallow tank and feed by hand.
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