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male spain
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Ive had my buffalo cichlid for about two weeks now. He looks as if he is doing well, but, but he tends to hide out under the artificial tree ive placed for him, I was wondering do they normaly stay fearful as a breed of fish or if its just his personality? Also what would u recomend as the best food for this type of cichlid? Any info would be great. Thank you
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Welcome to Fish Profiles.
In checking on the Internet, this fish comes from
fast flowing streams in Africa. This would mean the
tank should have high current from one side to the other
and rocks with plants such as val growing in the tank.
Some sort of cave for shelter and to get out of the
current for resting, and, probably the most important
part... a mate. They mate for life. If you have a
solitary fish it was probably taken from its mate and
expectedly so, will go down hill over time.

Some interesting reading:


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