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SubscribeMalawi and Tanganyikan cichlids together?
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male australia
the last 8 years or so ive been doin the planted tanks and nature tanks and have gotten a bit bored with it so ive decided ill turn one of my 310 or 320 litre tanks into a african cichlid tank. the original plan was to go with all malawi cichlids but there are a few tanganyikans that ive been interested in.

just wondering if it is possible to house them together, stocking includes:

Labidochromis caeruleus- Yellow Lab
Cynotilapia afra- Afra
Aulonocara nyassae- Nyassa peacock

Julidochromis Regani- Convict Julie
Neolamprologus brichardi- Brichardi
Altolamprologus calvus- Pearly Compresseps

If this isnt possible, or a combination of some of these species is not possible, i guess i could scrap the tanganyikans and add some lavender Mbunas, Fenustratus or Fuelleborni's?
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Are you getting Calvus or Compressiceps they are two different species and should not be kept in the same tank to prevent hybrids. I would go with the Tangs and the peacocks they will do better than any other combination. Mbuna aren't good tank mates for peacocks. Peacocks dont grow as fast with mbuna, dont color up as much and dont live as long with them. In a 90 gallon tank you could keep a decent stock of tangs and peacocks.

What you are looking at is Mbuna or the others.
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Mega Fish
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female australia
I've learned that when you hear someone at an aquarium shop say: "They should be okay together" it means "see how you go, you will probably have bullying or a death". I learned to be conservative in any changes/introductions.

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