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Small Fry
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Hey all,

I am currently redoing my 30 gallon community planted tank. After having it up running for about 4 years, all I have left are 2 platys and an x ray tetra, all of which are very old. I also have a bunch of amazon swords, some java ferns, and far too many MTS's.
I want to redo the tank as a cichlid tank. I was thinking 2-5 individual fish. I am currently in college and am away from home for months on end. My younger brother is able to do minor things like water changes but I want to avoid fish that are delicate or high-maintenance. As such, I would like to avoid fish like rams and apistos. I also would like to keep my aquascape, so I want to avoid African cichlids. I'm thinking fish in the convict/jewel category that are cheap, ( I don't really want to pay more than $7 a fish) hardy, and active. Basically, I am trying to keep the aquarium as low maintenance as possible while also having a little character. The platys and tetra can either stay or be relocated.

Bonus points if they will eat MTS'.

Tell me what you guys think!


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Mega Fish
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female usa
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How about a pair of firemouths?

I don't think there are any cichlids that eat MTS. The only fish I can think of that *might* would be puffers.

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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Most fish won't eat MTS, their shell is just too tough. That said, they're also rather beneficial for a tank. They don't eat plants, and can help keep the substrate from getting too compact (which kills plant roots), they can also help prevent deadly buildup of anerobic bacteria in the substrate.

If you really have too many some shops take them, just leave a piece of lettuce leaf weighed down overnight. Remove it before the tank lights come on in the morning and it should have a good number of the snails on it. They'll eat decaying plant matter but I've never had them eat my live plants (I actually quite like them if you hadn't guessed).

I've only ever had keyhole and kribs, I think either would be good for a 30. Kribs should be cheap as anything since they breed so well (anyway they did for me!) Mine have been through a few tough situations (power outages and the like). I have the keyholes and my last pair of kribs in different tanks but both have quite a bit of java fern. They keyholes really like it and hide out in it reminding me of how a clownfish acts with anemone, the kribs aren't really bothered by the plants, they do like hiding spots especially if their in breeding mode though, so a bit of log or cave makes them a bit happier.

I mentioned that mine are in separate tanks, they should technically get along well together, might keep populations in check should they start breeding. However since you're away I'd suggest keeping the stock on the low end, just to be on the safe side.


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Big Fish
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Four lined-pims will eat 'baby' MTS but not larger ones. 4 lined gets pretty big so you couldn't get more than one in a 30 gal. and you would have to be careful with whatever else you put in the tank as they are greedy, fast and with BIG mouths.

TTFN --->Ta-Ta-For-Now
Kelly ;o}
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