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SubscribeHarlequin Rasbora Color is Fading
Small Fry
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female usa us-illinois
Looking for suggestions on why my rasbora's color has faded.
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male usa us-illinois
What are your tank conditions (pH, NH3, NO2, NO3, kH, gH, temp)? Did anything change recently (fish/plant additions, new equipment, etc)? How many are you keeping? Do the other fish look ok?

In order to help we need more information.
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male usa us-colorado
Along with the water conditions which will contribute
to the intensity of the fish's coloration, you might
also let us know if this is the only one of its kind
in the tank, and what its' tank mates are.

The Harlequin Rasbora is a schooling fish and should have
a "bunch" of the same type of fish with it. They are more
comfortable in schools, and have far less stress than a
solitary one. If you have a school of them, then it might
be an older fish with naturally fading coloration, or it
might be a weaker fish succumbing to some medical problem.


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DeletedPosted 27-Nov-2010 07:20
This post has been deleted
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