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SubscribeMy New Tank
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hey i just got a tank and it has 1 rainbow shark 1 chinese algea eater and 4 tiger barbs if u guys have any info on any problems that might occur or how to prevent them plz reply!!!!

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male australia au-victoria
How big is the tank remember with all the internal bits and pieces your water capacity is nothing like an empty tank in other words it could easily be a good 10%-20% less water

If it is a Chinese Algae Eater, take it straight back reason as soon as it starts to get bigger it will attack other fish and actually take chunks out. I think that LFS is seeing you as a newbie and that means sell them and tell them anything.
I would get a Siamese Algae Eater they are harmless unless you have any Angels. Then I would start looking around for a better LFS who will only give you good reliable info.

From now on next time you go to any LFS write down any fish you would "LIKE" not "WANT" then do all the research in the long term it will be far cheaper and you will learn a lot more and certainly be a happy fish keeper.

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Cichlid Kid
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male usa
yes i agree with keith on this one. definately take the chinese algae eater back, i had one once and it did a number on my fish, i got desperate and had to move it to a tank with agressive cichlids which ultimately killed it.also pick a fish and then before you purchase it either look up its profile on this site, or ask someone who has knowledge in that specific area.also you need to find a reputable dealer, who is honest and that you can trust.
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