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Okay, I have 9 Black ruby barbs. The FP profile states " Male is larger and has brighter colours. The males fins also have more black that extends to the tips. " Now, I have 2 that are most definitely male. I have one with a question mark floating above it. It's the biggest barb in the tank, the color is a bit more rosy that the other girls, and it appears to court the girls whenever the other males show interest in chasing the girls. But, the fins are a contradiction. The 2 males' dorsal, pelvic and anal fins are completely black and the coloring is very ounced when in courting mode (which is most of the time.) This one's fins are the same as the girls, black with clear tips/edges. Is this fish making and alternate life choice? I think it's a female. My youngest thinks it's male. My middle says, "It's confused." The oldest kid doesn't really care. (Her main interest is on her newt.) It's driving me nuts.

I have video, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to download it. (I think I'll have to ask one of the kids for help with that.)

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There are a lot of fish species where there will be a very dominant female in the group. If it is a girl, the behaviour you are seeing is likely to be dominance play rather than an alternate life choice (a bit of warning next time! I almost snorted my tea everywhere! )
It would be similar to dogs mounting the same sex, or attempting to mount humans. They aren't trying to mate so much as get the other party to show submission and establish a clear pecking order with them coming out on top.

Unless this fish is hassling the others relentlessly, it shouldn't cause any major problems

Try youtube for the video upload

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Also, if your dog is mounting you (off topic) spray it in the face with a distinctive water bottle, tell it no, then eventually stroke the back of its head.
Will soon stop
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