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i got my third tank setup its a 25 gal with salinity at 0.010 and i have 3 Green Spotted puffer in it... they were all healthy when i got them and still are to an extent. on puffer seems to be terrorizing the other two and one already has loads of circular scars from his beak the other just a coupld. the more badly hurt one has taken refuge in top corner of tank and other one is just laying low. when i go in there the agressive one swims around as happy as can be, hes a sneaky little devil... but worst case scenario the other two die, is there anything else i can put in there? maybe like archer fish or a mono or something, that wont get the same treatment the others did? im treating with melafix currently but the vitim dosent look to good. any advice or maybe better partners i can add? i love the puffers and this is upsetting thank you

i like feesh
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Hey that tank is just big enough for one green spotted puffer! And in a tank that size I wouldnt add anything. Your aggressive puffer is just one of them fish thats going to be like that. I mean I've found puffers and other fish are just like humans. All are different in there own little ways. I even tryed gobies and only two out of 4 have made it and it's been 6 months!
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Big Fish
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Definately need to move them out. Its not big enough for them, let alone more additions
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