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SubscribeClown Pleco?????
Small Fry
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male usa us-florida
I was wondering if i could put a clown pleco in my 10 gallon tank with 3or4 black coolie loaches and some baby eastern mosquitofish?
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male usa
that sounds like a pretty overstocked tank, khuli loaches can grow roughly 4 inches apart, clown plecos also grow to be around that size as well. Mosquito fish grow roughly that same size as well, a general rule of thumb is that you want to have roughly one inch of fish full grown for every gallon of tank. It isnt a set in stone rule but its a good guideline. (:

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male usa us-colorado
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Actually, the one inch of fish/gallon rule of thumb is only valid for small tetras such as the neons, etc.
The rule falls on its face if you go by that rule and then try to put a 10 inch fish in a 10 gallon tank. Think about it.

The more modern interpretation of the "Rule of Thumb" goes by the number of square inches of surface area the tank has.
This takes into account the area of the tank (the water's surface) that is available for the exchange of gasses, oxygen &
Carbon Dioxide, within the water in the tank and the atmosphere outside of it.

Below is the more modern one first, followed by the older version second.


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