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SubscribeNeed to match airstone bubble pattern: What type of airstone do I need?
Small Fry
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I have an art truck you can see at On it are two 4" wide 'aquariums' with plastic fish. One is a self-contained unit with an internal pump and aerator built into the base. That's the one you see on the left in the photo.

I'm trying to match the bubble pattern coming from it for the other side, which I made from a polycarbonate tube with an aerator in the bottom of it. Here's the problem: As you can see from the photos, the bubbles from the self-contained unit are larger and less numerous than what I'm getting from the standard cone-type aerator I used for the other side.

The left side photo has the bubble pattern I'm trying to match. I had no idea there would be a difference until installing the aerator cone in the tube and starting the airflow.

The question is: What type of aerator can I get that would better mimic the larger and less numerous bubbles of the self-contained unit? It works much better since it floats the fish better and looks better since the water is more transparent without all the bubbles in it. Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to provide.

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Fish Bubblers
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Hi Ranger,
I must admit I've never seen anything decked out as your vehicle is. I must admit I am everything "glued down" so nothing strays while at a show, or driving it in a parade or down the road? Cleaning that thing must be a major, time consuming chore. But it truely is a sight to behold!

I'm sure you have thought about this but a few comments.
The quantity and size of the bubbles are essentially determined by the air pressure and the size of the holes between the grains of sand that the stone is made of. Where did you obtain the materials for the one with the larger/fewer bubbles, and is there a single air pump that feeds both tubes?

It would seem logical to return to the place where you bought the one you are trying to imitate and get another set of inside parts. The stones are rated by the size of the bubbles. The smallest bubbles come from not an air "stone" but rather from a piece of porus wood with piece of rigid plastic tubing glued into a drilled hole in the wood.
Because the holes are so small it takes more pressure to force the air through the tiny holes.

You would probably want to check with a pool supply store for your airstone. In a pool, you would have larger bubbles and they should have what you are looking for.

If you are using a single air source, you will also want to get an airpump and a set of gang valves so you can balance the amount of air going to each tube and an extra port to bleed off any excess air.


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