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SubscribeWhats a Good Choice?
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Registered: 19-Apr-2007
male usa
I am looking to ad a couple larger fish that are community fish and live in pairs.
I would like a pair that arent all that messy and are hardy and easy to care for.
Right now I have the 55 gallon long tank and all I have now are my two large (6-7" upside down cats (my faves totally) and then 6 small danios and 2 glowlite danios.
The cats are rather dirty fish so I definatly dont want anymore dirty fish to keep up after.
What would you suggest? I like fish that arent picky or need alot of attention and special needs.
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Show me the Shishies!
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female australia au-victoria
What about a pair of angels or keyhole cichlids? Gouramis?

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Mega Fish
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female usa
Kribs are also good, although if they decide to breed, they'll have the rest of your fish cowering in a corner (otherwise they're pretty peaceful.

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Big Fish
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male usa us-texas
How about tinfoil barbs, they aren't that messy...are they? I know that they are very peaceful, grow fairly large and will stay together.

The calming qualities of a good aquarium are irrefutable
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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
Alas, tinfoils will grow too large for a 55 gallon aquarium.

Lindy hit some of the ideas I was gonna throw out. Gourami are pretty good.

I'm a little curious about the upside down cats because the normal species known as upside down catfish, Synodontis nigriventris, does not reach 6-7". It's possible it's another Synodontis species, however, as many of them swim upside down. It's also interesting that you have two catfish that are so large and they haven't eaten all the small fish in the tank.

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian.
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female canada
I have an upsidedown cat, and hes maxed at 6-7 closer to 7 I bet.. does eat my small fish, the odd one goes missing sometimes, you gotta keep up on thier feeding, they have hugh appetites. cool fish Ive had him now going on 9 yrs bought him for $1.50 Can and the fish rep said he wont get much bigger than 2-3 cm.. wow ok.. a yr later..its was as small as the panda cories, Its amazing he was that small so cute..he gets along well with my clowns they are a good 5in now..
Post InfoPosted 08-Oct-2008 07:26Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Posts: 94
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Registered: 18-Mar-2008
female canada
pardon me thats 7 yrs ive had him was thinking of another fish..hes 7+..good looking fish..
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